Sri Sathya Sai protects a devotee from fire in Madras while sitting in Prasanthi Nilayam

Sunday, June 21, 1959

At around 1:30 pm on this day, Swami’s body temperature suddenly shot up to 104.5 degrees. However, the alarm of the devotees was considerably reduced when 5 minutes later, the temperature indicated 99 degrees. No one knew the reason for the sudden rise and fall of temperature, till about 9:30 pm that day. During dinner that night, seated on the terrace in the moonlight, Swami told a young man from Madras who was also dining with Him, “When you go to your mother tomorrow, tell her that she should be more careful about fire; assure her that Swami is always with her and that she would never come to harm”. Swami told the people that the lady’s sari had caught fire that noon when she was praying in her Puja room, where a number of oil lamps had been placed on the floor. When Swami spoke to her over the phone on the same day, her first query was whether Swami’s hands were burnt in the process of putting out the flames; as she knew of such instances of His mercy. Swami answered, “Oh! No! I did not burn my hands. I had just an increase of temperature for a short while”. 

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