Factors influencing Human Personality - Part 1: Sri Sathya Sai Perspective


Honesty is one of the important qualities that contribute to the success of an individual. What does this mean? Truth gives all success. The scriptures declare, ‘Satyam Naasti Paro Dharmaha’, which means ‘There is no righteousness that is higher than Truth’. Truth is God. If anybody asks you, “Where is God?” Answer that question by stating, “God is everywhere”. They will ask you to show God to them. You should reply that Truth is God and Truth is omnipresent. This Truth cannot be denied. Even in a thief, truth is there, but he conceals it. To escape punishment, he lies. But truth regarding his misdeeds is concealed inside. So, do not make attempts to pack truth in an artificial wrapper of falsehood. Truth is verily God. One should speak the Truth. Truth comes out of Love. What is the connection between Love and Truth? The interconnection between the five human values of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence has been given here.
Love: The Basis of all Human Values
Love is everywhere. Without love, there is no Satya. Without love, there is no Shanti. Without love, there is no Dharma. Without love, there is no Ahimsa. Love is the essential ingredient of all. Love is God. There is a popular perception that in the normal society, untruth, injustice and corruption are rampant. But here (referring to various institutions pertaining to Sri Sathya Sai Organisations spread across the world) the environment, communication, understanding and skill sets are different. Teachers should teach in such a way as to make the students forget about all that you have acquired outside (dysfunctional and undesirable traits, qualities, knowledge and habits). Students have joined the Management programme in the Sri Sathya Sai Institute to occupy managerial positions in future. Prospective managers should develop total balance to become fully equipped to shoulder future responsibilities. Further in order to have total balance, people also should possess holistic personality. 

Personality also includes traits such as: gait (way of walking), communication style, etc., which should be proper. In case you do not understand something, you should seek clarification with humility, “Sir, I did not understand what you meant by that.” If you ask without humility, the teacher would be annoyed. Hence, you should not speak in an impolite manner. Say, “It is my fault, so please explain once more.” The teacher will be happy and he will explain it to you nicely. That is why it is said: “You cannot always oblige, but you can speak always obligingly (courteously).” This is the kind of awareness, which happens to be a very important aspect of character. 

Similarly, in business, irrespective of profit or loss, one should pursue business confidently. People struggle for money along the wrong path. Harshad Mehta manipulated crores of rupees. But he lost everything within no time. Earning money is not that great, but it is truly great if one gets a good reputation (Keerti) in society. A good reputation outlives one’s own physical existence in this world. People should watchfully notice this. Suppose somebody gives you a job, and pays you a moderately attractive salary. You should work hard from the beginning. Do not think of the salary as the goal of life but think as follows: “Without this job, I would not earn anything by remaining at home either. At least I get some amount by doing this job and also I am able to be self-reliant without any unnecessary dependence on anyone for the sake of survival or subsistence.” Be cheerful and work hard. When your friend comes to you and says, “What is this? You are getting such a low compensation!” You ought to reply thus, “I am getting a fairly good salary for a lesser amount of work over here. This is enough for me. It is appropriate for my work experience. I can consider job change in the future when I have gained sufficient experience.” It is similar to that of a child which cannot gallop soon after its birth. It takes time and time is very imperative. If you tell your employers that you will not change your job, yet go on applying to various companies and join service elsewhere, no one will accept you. Do not keep only high financial compensation in mind. Focus your attention on work. This is very important. 

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