The False Teacher Preaches, the Real Teacher Practices

In ancient times, it was not teaching alone; people had to learn through practice. But today thousands of people sit and listen to a person preaching – “Don’t utter falsehood, everybody is God, etc.” While such a teacher is teaching, his attention is on his slippers outside. Whether they are safe or not! After the meeting, he comes outside to see if his slippers are there or not. If the slippers aren’t there, then he will give one more lecture! “Having come to learn about spirituality, how can you steal my slippers?” – This would be the theme of his new lecture! Because his slippers are missing, he makes so much noise; but the pupils who have similarly lost their slippers are silent. How can they learn from such a teacher? Therefore we should first practice, then preach. Only then others will follow. 

Therefore in today’s world, when people without any practice preach such things, their words go into the air and nobody is inspired to put them into action. If they were genuine, at least some would have changed. Even if one person changes, it is enough. That change should come. Without changing the mind, the change of the dress is of no use. You may have changed the dress (Gudda), but have you changed the quality (Guna)? The man has changed but the mind has not changed. What is the use? Don’t have faith in such people. 

People keep complaining – “I have got so many responsibilities and difficulties, how to escape these?” These problems will be there till your death. If you want to take bath in the ocean when the waves subside, you will never be able to take bath, as the waves will never subside. You can’t do anything to suppress the waves. You just change your direction and take bath. That ocean is the ocean of life; and the waves symbolise the constantly appearing difficulties. These will come, but once you have entered, you should be able to accomplish your tasks. You should not get scared of the ocean and the waves thinking what will happen if you drown. You should proceed with your work, only then your life’s goal will be accomplished. If you are greedy, how do you expect to succeed? What is it that you have sacrificed in this life? Nothing! You have not sacrificed your time, your actions, your attachments, and your ego; there is nothing that you have sacrificed. Moreover, these are on the rise on a daily basis. Then what is the use of staying with God? 

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