Srimad Ramayana Sudha Pravachana Saptaha

Sri Sathya Sai presiding over the weeklong Celebrations at Prasanthi Nilayam

Sunday, June 22, 2008 to Saturday, June 29, 2008

Bhagavan Baba inaugurated a programme of talks entitled ‘Srimad Ramayana Sudha Pravachana Saptaha‘, on 22nd June, 2008, in Sai Kulwant Hall. This programme was held from 22nd to 27th June, 2008 and culminated in Pattabhisheka Mahotsava on 28th June, 2008. The inaugural ceremony was preceded by a grand procession of idols of Rama, Lakshmana, Sita and Hanuman in a palanquin from Yajur Mandir to Sai Kulwant Hall led by Nadaswaram music and Vedic chanting group of priests carrying Poorna Kumbam at 4.30 pm. These idols were then placed on an altar on the dais for worship.
The Idols placed in the center of the portico in the Sai Kulwant Hall
On 23rd June, 2008, Sri Malla Pragada Sriman Narayana Murthi of Guntur gave a talk on the Ayodhya Kanda (Second Chapter) of the Ramayana.

On 24th June, 2008, Dr. Ranganath of Bangalore spoke on the inner significance of the Aranya Kanda (Third Chapter) of Ramayana.

On 25th June, 2008, Dr. Thangirala Venkata Subbarao of Bangalore recounted all the events of Kishkindha Kanda (Fourth Chapter) of Ramayana.

On 26th June, 2008, Dr. Mylavaram Srinivasa Rao of Guntur spoke on the Sundara Kanda (Fifth Chapter) of Ramayana. 

On 27th June, 2008, Dr. Garikipati Narasimha Rao of Kakinada spoke on Yuddha Kanda (Sixth Chapter) of Ramayana.

On 28th June, 2008, in the morning, after the Divine Darshan of Bhagavan in Sai Kulwant Hall, the priests performed Abhishekam to the idols in the traditional way and decorated the idols. The idol of Sri Rama was placed in a palanquin and the priests brought it and placed it on the dais amidst Vedic chanting and Nadaswaram music. The Pattabhishekam ceremony concluded with crowning the idols with gold crowns blessed by Bhagavan, amidst Mantra chanting and Nadaswaram music. At the conclusion of the rituals, Bhagavan presented watches to the priests. He also materialised two gold chains for two priests. All the priests worshipped the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan by offering flowers. While the Bhajans were sung by the Institute students, Prasadam was distributed to one and all. Mangala Aarati was offered to Bhagavan at 11.30 am, marking the conclusion of the function.

On the afternoon of 28th June, 2008, idols were placed on a swing in Sai Kulwant Hall and were worshipped by the priests. Thereafter, Sri M. G. Venkataraghavan and party presented classical Carnatic devotional music in the Divine Presence of Bhagavan at 4.30 pm. After this concert, Bhagavan blessed the Institute students to sing a few classical pieces. The programme concluded at 6.15 pm. Bhagavan then honoured Sri Venkataraghavan and other artistes with shawls. The grand finale of the seven day Ramayana function was Bhagavan’s nectarine Discourse which He delivered on this evening.
The Concluding Rama Pattabhishekam
Bhagavan said, “Constant contemplation on Rama and singing His glory confers peace and prosperity on all. It is better if all join and sing together instead of singing individually. Guru Nanak therefore started the practice of group singing. When many people join together and sing the glory of Rama wholeheartedly and contemplate on Him, the prayer of a few at least may reach the Lord and all may earn His grace. Develop Ekatma Bhava (feeling of oneness). That is real devotion. If you want to have the vision of Atma, consider ‘I’ and ‘We’ as the same. Then you will see oneness of all. Give up the differences of thine and mine. All are one, be alike to everyone. This is the essence of Vedanta”.

At the conclusion of the Divine Discourse, Mangala Aarati was offered to Bhagavan at 7.50 pm. Then, concluded Srimad Ramayana Sudha Pravachana Saptaha at Prasanthi Nilayam.

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