Why Should Students Study?

While joining the army first you have to go through the recruitment process. After recruitment you learn to use the equipment. This point in time, when you are getting education, is like the recruitment time. And then there is selection in the army. When you have proper training, it leads to proper life. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a game, play it. Life is love, enjoy it. Life is awareness and silence. What is this awareness? Seeing a piece of cloth and knowing it as a piece of cloth is not awareness. Knowing that the piece of cloth is a handkerchief is known as awareness. Complete understanding is only awareness. Therefore this complete understanding is only awareness. What is that you are studying as student? You are studying awareness. You are studying everything like walking, reading, eating, etc. It is not that bookish knowledge is only required. Bookish knowledge is superficial knowledge and this superficial knowledge should be converted into general knowledge. General knowledge should be converted into the knowledge of discrimination and finally this knowledge should be converted into practical knowledge. Till you get the practical knowledge you should keep on studying. Studying is only for becoming steady. You study to become steady. 

Study is not for roaming in lanes and streets. Why should you do this in the young age? At this age you should study only to know and devote yourself to God. If this small sapling straightens it becomes a stretched tree. If the sapling is crooked then the tree also becomes crooked. Therefore, you start early, drive slowly and reach safely. At this age if you practice this you will land up becoming a straight tree. If you think of your previous mistakes after retirement you land up into serious trouble. Unless you get that type of training now you can’t think of God in the later years of life. At this point of time you should learn worldly education, scientific education and moral education and get trained in all of these. That is what Bhagavatam says, ‘When the messenger of death tries to drag you to death, when the doctor tells that there is no use keeping the body, and when the children mourn over the body, is it possible to remember of God at that point’. How can you think of God at that point of time if you do not start now onwards? You will understand things clearly later in life if you develop a sense of adventure and courage at this tender age. 

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