“Fish is also God…”

  December 28, 1999

During Darshan, the school boys had not come and hence their place was empty.

Swami : Why is this place empty?

Students : Swami, schoolboys are yet to come.

After the interview, Swami came out to the Ganesh portico. Two Institute students were holding some models. One was a Mantapa with a dome on top and Shiva Linga inside. The other was a carving of Devi Mahishasura Mardini made of soap.

Swami : (To the boy) What is this? It is out of proportion. Such a big Gopuram, like Pakoda. For small Mandapams, the Gopuram should be small. Is it not?  (The boy smiled)  (Then Swami enquired about the competition held for the teachers.  Swami was given information about the prize winners).  (To a teacher)  How was the practice session?

Teacher : It was good, Swami.

Swami : Who all played well?  (The teacher mentioned a few names. To another teacher) What did you do?

Teacher : Speed walking, Swami. (Bhagavan smiled). Speed walking event is there, Swami.

Swami : Are you practicing regularly?

Teacher : Yes Swami.

Swami : You would have got used to walking in Kodaikanal. (Meanwhile the boy who had made the soap model came forward and Bhagavan stretched His hand asking the boy to show it.): What is this?

Student : Swami, Mahishasura Mardini, carved in soap.

Teacher : Swami, it is Ammagaru (Mother Goddess).

Swami : It is Kanaka Durga. (Then Bhagavan looked at the thermocol model. The student brought it forward and showed it to Bhagavan. There were two fishes below the front pillars). What is this! Shiva is inside and the fishes are outside.

Student :  Swami, Shiva is Deva (God) and the fish is Jeeva.

Swami : Fish is Jeeva!  No, it is also God.  It is the first Avatar of God.
Matsyavatar - The Fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu 
(the Mural in the Prasanthi Nilayam Bhajan Mandir)
Student :  Swami, the Pandya kings of Madurai had the fish as their symbol.

Swami : (Jokingly) What! Pandyas used to eat fish?

Teacher : Swami, were Pandyas ‘Shaivaites’?

Swami : Yes, they were.  (Bhagavan spoke about the students who had gone for training in aero sports and Go-carts in Bangalore) They are learning to drive Go-carts. The student who is getting trained has never driven a car.  He is facing difficulties.

Teacher  : Swami, horse riding is also difficult.

Swami : Yes, in other things only the rider will fall; in horse riding, both fall.  (Everyone laughs)

Teacher : Swami, do Go-carts go fast?

Swami : Yes, they go very fast. They do not have gears. They are planning to have criss-crossing of Go-carts and motorcycles. They should have perfect timing, otherwise accidents might occur. (About Paramotors...) It is very dangerous to tie those fans and fly in the air. The fan weighs 28 kgs. One needs a lot of training. Trainers tell that the students need lots of practice. Our boys do not know how to control them at greater heights. It goes to a height of about 3000 feet. If proper care is not taken, then, it might go to 4000 feet. From above, boys would not know what height they have reached. The trainers told that the students should get letters of consent from their parents. I have been telling from the beginning to avoid such dangerous items. We should not go in for dangerous events.

(Editor’s Note: This conversation depicts Swami’s immense concerns for all the students during the Annual Sports Meet at Prasanthi Nilayam. While the faculty and students are interested in offering their very best to Him, He is interested in their safety. It’s like the traditional dialogue between a parent and children!)

(To Prof. Anil Kumar)  Go and announce about the evening programme in Poornachandra.

Prof A.K. : Swami, there are two dramas in today’s programme.

Swami : Don’t tell all those things.
 Just tell that there is a programme. 

Prof A.K. : Swami, the participants are from 28 countries.

Swami  : Yes. Most of them are from Greece and Argentina. But there are students from Nigeria and other countries also. (Pause) Announce that students from Greece and Argentina are also performing.

Prof A.K. : Swami, last time also, Pedda Pillalu (The big boys) from Greece put up a good drama.

Swami : Don’t tell Pedda Pillalu; they were men. Some of them even have grandsons. How can they be big boys? Then you can call yourself a boy because you too have grandsons.  Not one but two.  Some of their (Greeks) children are   studying here. 10-15 students from Greece are studying here.

Prof A.K. : Their Janaka drama was very good, Swami.

Swami : They also chant Vedas beautifully.  

(To a boy)  What did you all do today?

Student : Swami, march past practice was there.

Swami : March fast?  (To a teacher)  What is it?

Prof A.K.  : March Past Swami.

Swami : Past or fast?  What is the spelling?  Pronounce it.

Prof A.K. : P-A-S-T, Swami (The teacher laughed and bent down his head )

Swami  : What?  What?  (All laughed)

Swami started to move towards the Interview room. Meanwhile the teacher left his place and went to the inner verandah for making the announcement. After taking a few steps, Swami turned back and found that this teacher was missing. Swami expressed His surprise and everyone laughed.  Boys told that he has gone in.

Swami : Dunnapotha, Dunnapotha (He-buffalo).

Source: Students with Sai: Conversations (19991-2000)

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