God is Perfect: A Story

December 17, 1998

Swami came to the Institute in the morning and gave his Divine Message to the Post Graduate students. In the evening… 

Swami : How was the speech in the morning? Did I bore you? 

Student   : No Swami. It would be wonderful if Swami comes again. 

Swami : (Seriously) Whatever it is, international financial problems cannot be solved, it is impossible. Money brings problems, excess money means excess problems. See what is happening in other developed countries… Suicides ra. 

Student   : Suicides Swami! 

Swami    : Yes Suicides. Why? Mada (Pride). Wealth leads to pride, which leads to bad qualities and to bad thoughts and finally destruction. 

Student   : Yes, Swami. 

Swami was talking about the events to be put up by the school students for the Sports Meet. 

Student   : Swami, what is the difference between Show and Pradarshana

Swami   : No. Show means something artificial. But exhibition is Pradarshana, presenting one’s talents. 

Student   : Swami says that money should be like a shoe - neither too big nor too small. 

Swami    : If it is too big you cannot wear comfortably. If it is too tight, you cannot walk. It must be exact. If it is too much, I will remove it. If it is tight, you will throw it away yourself. 

Student   : Yes Swami. God gives us all the resources, it is for us to use it in the proper manner. 

Swami    : Yes I will tell you a story. In one kingdom, there lived a king and a queen with all the subjects. The king loved his subjects very dearly. So one day, he left for the forest to perform penance. God was pleased with his effort and appeared before him and asked him what he desired. The king prayed that all his subjects be blessed with wealth, prosperity and money. God gently said that it was not right thing to ask for. But the king humbly submitted that this indeed was his wish. God granted the wish. 

He returned to his kingdom to find palaces everywhere and his people became rich. He went to his palace and wanted to take bath. But there were no servants, for all servants had become rich. Feeling hungry, he went to the market. But the market was filthy. Sweepers too had become rich. Day by day, the situation grew worse, until one day all the people and the king prayed to God and performed penance. God appeared and they said that they preferred the previous order. They also prayed that the king be granted a thousand years of life. God commanded and everything was back to normal. But the queen left for the forest. The people felt that the queen was feeling jealous of the king. They misunderstood her. 

The queen performed penance and when God appeared, she prayed that a good king but not good people and vice versa is no good. A good king and a good populace were both necessary. So she prayed that God grant the people also a thousand years of life. God was so pleased that He granted even the queen thousand years of life. 

Student   : Yes Swami, God knows what is good for us. 

Swami   : Yes, God is perfect. He will give as required. If there is too much He will take away.  

Student   : Very nice story, Swami. 

Swami   : (To other students) Did you understand the story? 

Students   : Yes Swami, nice story Swami. 

Swami    : Don’t say nice story, look at the speciality and essence. (To that student) I will ask them the story later and then I will see how many were listening! 

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