Who is greater: Vibheeshana or Bheeshma?

December 4, 1997 

Swami : (To the guest lecturer) How are MBA students? 

Guest : Very good. They are learning, Swami. 

Swami : Learning is quantity, thinking is quality. I want quality and not quantity. (To another guest lecturer) How are students? 

Guest : Swami, very humble and sincere. They will be picked up like chicken. We want more of such students. They don’t lie. 

Swami : Our students have good thoughts, not influenced by the outer world. Our students are working (In a devotee’s organisation) in Malaysia, 4 months back students went to Indonesia, and there they have been asked to stay permanently, though they went only for training. Sincerity and Honesty are important. They develop gratitude because of free education. If they pay for education, they demand an equal repay. Without cotton, no thread, without thread, no cloth. The one you think you are (thread). The one others think you are (cloth). The one you really are (cotton). 

Principal : Swami, students presented good summaries today. 

Swami : 2nd year students, not 1st year students. All these (pointing to the students in front) are 1st year students. 2nd year students are sitting inside. 
(To a guest lecturer) How is your manager? 

Guest : Fine, Swami. 

Swami : How is business? 

Guest : Doing well, Swami. Joint ventures have been proposed. 
Bheeshma on the bed of arrows while fighting for the Kauravas in the Mahabharata war
Swami : In my opinion, it is the old bottle with a new cork. (About his manager) In the house – cheap, outside - chief. Am I correct? I am always correct! 

(After a pause)  Is Vibheeshana greater or Bheeshma? 

Guest : Vibheeshana, Swami. 

Swami : Because Bheeshma was chief of the Kaurava army, he did not tell them how to behave even though he lived with them. Vibheeshana went away from Ravana, surrendering to Rama. In business, they always use knack… beyond a point, it becomes crack

(Pointing to one student) He is from Madras. He also uses knack, very clever but very selfish. Fish is better than selfish. Fish at least cleans up dirty water; selfishness creates dirt in the society. So you want Self or selfish? 
Vibheeshana surrendering to Lord Rama and fighting on the side of Dharma during the war against Ravana
Student : Self. 

Swami : (Looking at the student) Are you a Brahmin? You can eat fish! (Looking at the guest) No, no, only for fun. He is not selfish. Selfishness is there in everyone, only percentage difference. 
(Pointing to another student) This student – good violin player. Who is your teacher? 

Student : Swami, Lalgudi Jayaraman (a famous exponent of the instrument). 

Swami : Kadugodi? Not Kadugodi (a place near Whitefield. Bangalore where the Brindavan Ashram is located); Lalgudi. (Looking at a school student) What do you want? 

Student : Swami, You. 

Swami : Why are you staying here? To study. That is why you are in the hostel three fourths of the time! 

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