Understanding the Divinity of Sri Sathya Sai – By Kali Uday Balleda

Sri Sathya Sai blessing Kali Uday
Where to begin... How to start… I still remember those toughest days in my life... I had failed miserably during my intermediate final year. I failed to qualify for my EAMCET examination. My parents were upset and their sadness made me feel like leaving this world as I suffered from unbearable pain. I was asked to discontinue my studies at once. I was criticized so badly that at times I felt that I was not even worth the dust in a dustbin. It was a tough period during May, 2005, in my life. My educational career was miserable and my talents, insignificant. I passed successfully in my supplementary intermediate examination. I could not get admission to any engineering College for lack of sufficient marks. My parents were suggested by the Sai community to apply for admission into Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. My father was hesitant to apply for my admission into Swami’s University being aware of the fact that I was poor at studies. 

I did not believe in Swami’s Divinity though the members of my family were ardent devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. At that point of time choices were limited and I had no clarity where my life was heading. I took one year off from studies just to prepare for Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning entrance examination. I must agree that May 2006 was the turning point in my life. After a year-long preparation, I was ready to face the final battle with all my limitations. There were always doubts in my mind: would I be able to clear the examination or another failure awaited me? I just completed my examination and interview rounds without any hiccups. Though my father had the feeling that Swami was looking after me, I felt that I had pulled this off with my own efforts. 

As I headed towards home awaiting the final selection list, my father prayed a lot to Swami. But I took all this lightly, thinking that if I did not get admission here, I would seek admission elsewhere. Those were the ignorant and immature days of my life and I realised later that underestimating Swami’s powers was the most foolish thing to do. As we reached home, the whole family was eagerly waiting for the call letter from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. As there were only two days left for the reopening of the University, as per schedule on 1st June, my waiting was excruciatingly painful. Those were the tense moments for me as well as my parents. I was upset because I thought that my bad times would continue without end. 

It was May 29, 2006. The postman handed over a letter from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning to my father. To my utter joy, it was my call letter from Swami’s University. Parents were extremely happy to see the letter. To some extent I was relieved because I had not failed my parents again. My father opened the letter and read out loudly, for others to hear. As he completed reading, I could see complete satisfaction on the face of everyone. I took the letter from my father as I read the top part of the cover where addresses were written. I was surprised to realise that the ‘To Address’ did not contain my Home Address but the letter somehow reached me, travelling more than 800 kilometres from Prasanthi Nilayam! My father said that Swami responded to our prayers made in the last couple of weeks and sent the letter directly to us as the whole family was anxiously waiting for it. 

This was the way Swami accepted me under His loving care as His student. In the beginning I failed to accept the Divinity of Swami as I was an atheist. I used to have a plethora of misconceptions about Swami and His miracles. Till that time I used to believe that whatever I see and experience only, is the reality. I had a strong feeling that the day I experience His Godliness, I would surely turn towards Him. There is a saying, ‘Birds of the same feather flock together.’ I found a classmate who never believed in Swami’s Divinity but had joined the Institute just because of his parents’ compulsion. Both of us used to sit in the last row for the students in the Mandir, which happened to be a row in front of devotees. One day both of us were sitting as usual in the last row and discussing something related to the miracles of Swami. Suddenly, Swami came out of Bhajan Mandir. He came by wheelchair near us and spoke to a foreign devotee. We could observe that the devotee was emotionally moved and was crying. 

Swami was smiling at him and blessed him. The chair was completely turned towards us to observe directly whatever He was doing. Till that time we had a wrong notion that whatever Swami created was all fake. The time had come to prove us wrong. Swami waved His hand and created Vibhuti for the devotee. We were utterly shocked to witness the miracle from close quarters. The devotee was very happy and cried, holding Swami’s hand. That moved me a lot. I could feel deep love towards Swami for the first time. While leaving that place, Swami looked into my eyes and smiled lovingly. I still remember that beautiful moment! I started praying to Swami whole-heartedly and believed that He is my saviour. 

Though I was convinced of Swami’s Divinity, my friend was not convinced at all. As the days passed, one day both of us were discussing His miracles once again. My friend had a doubt that Swami creates an object once in a session, for example: the creation of one ring or chain at a time. He would not be able to create for the second time in a session. On that day there was a music programme performed by devotees of Medak District, Andhra Pradesh. As we were discussing, Swami called a devotee and created a ring. After a couple of minutes Swami again called a singer and presented a chain. We were utterly speechless and shocked to see this. I was very happy to witness this and realised that Swami actually listens to us and He is with us all the time. After a couple of minutes Swami created a ring for another devotee of Medak district. As the day ended Swami had created two rings and a chain. On that day it dawned upon me that Swami is omnipresent and omniscient. 

Sri Sathya Sai blessing Prasadam held by Kali Uday

From that day, I surrendered myself to Bhagavan. I worked hard and successfully finished my B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics, M.Sc. in Mathematics and M.Tech. (Computer Science). As soon as I completed my education, I was blessed with a job in a multinational company. Swami’s Institute has made me an all-round personality, developing different dimensions of my being. Now I am a guitarist and an athlete. It is all due to His Grace. Sometimes when I look back at the earlier years of my life, I feel I am immensely lucky to have been blessed by Him. Had I failed to join Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, I would not have survived in this world. Thank you Swami, for showering Your love and blessings on me! 

- Kali Uday Balleda
Student (2006-2013), Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam Campus
Currently, Team Lead and HPC Research Engineer, Multicore Ware Inc., Chennai


  1. God chooses his devotees irrespective of whether the the devotee wants it or not. His leelas are beyond the understanding of reasoning and technicalities. Understand him with love and compassion.

    1. It is still green in my eyes. Being an instrument in Bhagawan's mission is my life fortune.

  2. Thanks alot for posting this, just few hours before reading this article i was surfing SSSHLI websites and was not sure to apply, and had maylny doubts.

    Your post gave me the answers to my questions and doubts.


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