What help does an Avatar need?

January 5, 1998

Teacher    : Swami, what help does an Avatar need?

Swami    : I do not need any help. Whatever help I ask you to do is for your own good and spiritual elevation.

Teacher    : Swami, when an Avatar asks for help, does it not mean to help ourselves?

Swami    : Yes, Avatar doesn’t need any help. Any small help that I ask you to do is for your own good.

Swami    : (To a student) Are you performing an item called ‘Manpower’ for the Sports Meet?

Student    : Swami, we are doing ‘Man vs. Machine’.

Swami    : Pulling trucks?

Student    : No, Swami. Pulling two cars.
After interviews… 

Swami    : Where is that ‘Manpower’ boy? (Speaking in the context of the Sports Meet practices; 'Manpower' was the name of one of the events the students were going to present during the Sports Meet.)

Students    : He went for practice.

Swami    : What practice?

Students    : Swami, ‘Man vs. Machine’.

Swami    : Even ladies can pull two cars. It is very easy, but they exhibit it in such a way that it looks really difficult. Even the Piano Man (Referring to a fat person) can push it with his tummy and make it start moving. Even the Trumpet Man (Another fat person) can do that. (Jokingly)

Source: Students with Sai: Conversations (1991-2000)

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