Jealousy has no Medicine - Part 1

November 1, 1998

During an interaction with students in the Poornachandra Auditorium, Swami gave very valuable insights on what He expects from His students:

For students ‘Paropakara’ is very essential. One may be highly intelligent, highly powerful but without ‘Paropakara’ he is not an ideal. The ancients had described service in different ways - trees yield fruits for ‘Paropakara’; rivers flow incessantly for ‘Paropakara’; cows yield milk in the same spirit of service to others. In the same way, man should follow the principle: ‘Paropakaarartham Idam Shariram’ (the human body has been given for serving others). Human race would not exist, without the fruits of trees, water of the rivers, and the milk of cows. Trees not only give fruits but also take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen in return. 

Having taken human birth, if one does not serve others, human life is a waste. Students must have the feeling to serve others. Service is not for far off people but even to near ones and colleagues. In this context, one must render help to the family, community and country. 

Upakarma must be done with ‘Vichakshana Jnana’ and ‘Viveka Jnana’ (Discrimination and discretion). Intelligent ones help even those who hurt them, with the feeling of forgiveness. Ghori attacked Prithiviraj 17 times, made him suffer and took over his kingdom. But Prithiviraj maintained peace and suffered nobly. The 17th time Ghori was caught and then he sought pardon from Prithiviraj. Out of forgiveness, Prithiviraj left Ghori. But, Ghori was ungrateful, developed friendship with Jaichand, the brother-in-law of Prithiviraj and attacked Prithiviraj again. Ghori had no trace of compassion or kindness. Moreover, he was full of ingratitude. He blinded Prithiviraj. 

Therefore, when we serve or help we have to consider position and circumstances, before we help others. Prithiviraj knew that Ghori had no gratitude and yet he helped him.

Jealously and hatred are evil twins and they eat away the root of the tree of life till it dies. For jealousy, there is no medicine. Students should not allow jealousy to enter their hearts, just because someone has secured higher marks, is more intelligent, or has earned a good name. Students must have Vishala-Hridaya, broad mindedness.


  1. We should never allow jealousy touch us.

  2. Consider the entire world as our family. Then Jealousy has no space at all.

  3. Vasudhaiva kutumbakam attitude makes jealousy disappear.


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