SAI: THE SUPREME DOCTOR - By Rishi Bharadwaj

The Divine Doctor

Swami is the supreme Doctor. Where the best of Doctors fail, He succeeds! I have got an experience of this kind to narrate.

My mother usually underwent great pain in her stomach. When she was taken to the army hospital, the doctors said that she had to undergo a very major operation. She had to get her uterus removed. My father sent a letter immediately to Swami through the State President of Simla. Meanwhile on March 8th 1986, my mother was admitted to the army hospital.

Here Swami took the letter, read it and said, “Let the operation take place.” Without delay the State President flew back to Delhi and gave my father the news. My mother was put in the room number 18 and on March 18th the operation was to take place. My father took all precautions and put a framed photo of Swami in the operation room. 18th came soon and a beautiful fragrance filled the hospital.

My mother was going to the operation ward when a doctor came up to her and showed my mother a ring of Shirdi Sai. My mother stared at it and was praying hard to Swami. The Doctor said, “You pray to your Sai and I pray to my Sai.”

The operation took place and it was a successful operation. The doctor came out and gave the good news to my father. The doctors said that only Swami could have performed such a difficult operation. My mother after some days wanted to thank the Doctor who showed her the ring of Shirdi Sai. She enquired about the doctor by giving his description. The other Doctors were startled and said that there was no Doctor like that! On 27th March she got discharged from the hospital.

My father wanted to thank Swami for the operation. So he came to Parthi. Swami was in Brindavan when he arrived. But Swami came back the very next day of his arrival. Swami called my father for an interview. In the interview Swami smiled and said that Swami was very happy. The next words were really thrilling. Swami said, “Operation, I have done, your wife called and I came, didn’t a doctor tell your wife; you pray to your Sai and I pray to my Sai!! I was the Doctor”, Swami declared. 

My father was overjoyed. Tears rolled down his cheeks. Then Swami continued, “See Sai is perfect, your wife’s stitching, see, no puss nothing, Sai is perfect. There was no life in the body. Swami came. The doctors while performing the operation thought why they took up such a major operation and after nine days discharge.”

Yes, this is the glory of the Lord. He is the Supreme Doctor. If you have noticed; she was in room number 18 (1+8=9). She was operated on 18th. She was discharged on 27th (2+7=9). My father said that the total expenditure on the operation also summed up to nine. This is the experience I want to share with you.

- Rishi Bharadwaj
Class X, Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School
Prasanthi Nilayam

Source: Sai Nandana 1985 (60th Birthday Issue)

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