"How many friends do you have?" - By C.N. Kshetrajna

Sri Sathya Sai
at Sundaram in Chennai
Before joining the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning by the grace of Lord, I had got a few chances of experiencing minute drops of His Divine Leela. Here, I wish to share with you one such drop which had a profound impact on me.

The event took place, this year, when Swami was in Madras. Swami went straight to a young boy and asked him, “How many brothers have you?” The boy said, “Swami, I do not have brothers and I am the only son.”

Immediately, Swami pointed to the persons who were there, asked the boy, “Are they not your brothers?” Swami went and asked another boy the same question and the reply Swami got was the same.

The innate imitativeness in me made me thinking that if Swami comes and asks me I should say that all are my brothers. The next day the Lord came near me. His nearness made me completely forget myself, and I was inches above the ground. The omniscient Lord in His sweet voice asked, “Where is your brother studying?” “He is studying in Swami’s college, I said. Then Swami asked, “How many brothers do you have?” Quick came the reply, “One, Swami.” With a mischievous smile Swami asked, “Are the people who are standing here not your brothers?” Completely flabbergasted, I had nothing to say except nodding my head.

To prick my imitative bubble a little more, Swami went a few steps, then turned back and asked, “How many friends do you have?” My foolish mind equated at lightning speed if all are to be my brothers why not all be my friends and I blurted out, “Swami, all are my friends.”

The Lord looked directly into my eyes enquiringly and asked, “What! All are your friends?” Before I could answer Swami continued, “What your so-called friends do when you are in trouble? They will be with you until they see money in your pockets. The moment they come to know that you are penniless; they quietly vanish, like the frogs going away from a dried up pond. But Sai is not like that. Whatever may be the trouble, Sai will not forsake you. He is always for you, with you and in you. Your one and only friend must be Sai. Overwhelmed completely, I could do nothing, but watch the Lord moving slowly away and away from me.

Let us ponder for a while. What a revelation! Arjuna had Krishna as his one and only friend. The Lord Himself asks us to keep Him as our one and only friend. But what pities, we, out of ignorance, add on to the unending list of friends, leaving the Lord all alone without any friends.

- C.N. Kshetrajna
Alumnus, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam

Source: Sai Nandana 1985 (60th Birthday Issue)


  1. brother Khetrajna, you have really stirred me
    from inside by your loving musings on Swami
    verandah talks. these loving moments are the ones cherished by us all. very nice of you to share this, may Sai be near and dear to you and you be to Him. Sai Ram, where are you, be in touch. hows niranjana. rgs amar vivek, amarvivek@rediffmail.com, 9814027754. Hi all Sai Ram, there is a management meet in Parthi on March 16th, 2013 for half a day. pls join. those who cant physically this time, pls join on skype. sai ram

  2. Broad smile came on my face here. And now- also comes to my thought: All togéther nevertheless have their place in Baba´s Thoughts and Silence-

    And by That we learn to love all nevertheless. But not completely at once..
    It takes repetitions and Realisation inside.

    When Baba asked "What are the questions?" I was thinking "what again are ´questions?`... and inside I asked:"Baba, I want to see reality"-
    And I saw the most intense and full eveningsky with Stars I even saw!
    Inside I gave myself a clap on my forehead, thinking "oh, wrong question..`" Then I asked the better question: "Baba, I want to experience Reality"!
    About (?) a year later I woke up in the early morning in my room outside and
    "was" endless LIGHT with absolute Love and an ínner Sun, wherein I coudn´t go inside. (I was thinking it had been the ATMA, but years later I did ask one of the Masters of Wisdom (KH) -interpreting myself already what hight it had been then "the ATMA"..- and He started to laugh at me inside.. I asked humbly: Oh.. but I cannot knów that.." "What sphere has it been?--", and I got the Answer "the higher mental aeria" (That´s the place of our Soul).


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