July 30, 1997

Swami was inquiring in the Prasanthi Nilayam Mandir portico about the food given in the School and Institute hostels at Prasanthi Nilayam…

Swami  : (Calling the hostel kitchen in-charge - Sri Venkatachalam) What did you give for lunch?

Kitchen In-charge  : Pulav, Swami.

Swami  : What is it? Alao! (After some time) How many workers are there?

Kitchen In-charge  : 10 workers, Swami.

Swami  : You have a big kitchen. Only 350 boys are there. With 10 workers, you can cook for 1,000 boys!

(Turning to school students) Did they give sweet for lunch today? 
(The students did not reply.) No sweet? 

Teacher  : Swami, Kesri Bhat. (a type of Indian sweet)

Swami  : What did they give for tiffin?


Student  :  Lemon rice, Swami.

Swami  : What lemon rice? Only rice with some lemons squeezed in! (smiling) Do they give two items for tiffin?

Teacher  : Yes, Swami. (He listed out some of the combinations like Idli-Vada…)

Swami  : Gas Kottu! 

(Turning to an Institute student) What did they give for tiffin?

Student  : Swami, Uttappam.

Swami  : Utappam? Only one item?

Student  :  Swami, they gave Upma also.

Swami  : Upma, only one spoon. Every boy would like to eat four spoons. But there are restrictions. You should be given two items. The gap between breakfast and lunch is too long.

Source: Students with Sai Conversations: Part 1 (1991-2000)

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