Mother Of Mine

Mother Of Mine, You Gave To Me
All Of My Life To Do As I Please
All That I Have Is Just ’Cos Of You
Mother Sweet, Mother Of Mine.
Mother Sai, Mother Of Mine.
Mother, You Gave Me Happiness
Much More Than Words Can Say.
I Pray To You That You May Bless Us
Every Night And Every Day.
Mother Of Mine, You’re All I Have
In This Cruel World Full Of Sorrow And Strife
Help Me Reach You ’Cos You Are The True Goal
Mother, Sweet Mother Of Mine.
Mother, Sai Mother Of Mine.
We Shouldn’t Falter On The Path
The True Blessed Path So Sweet;
So Take Us By Hand And Lead Us Along
To Thy Lotus Feet.
(Mother Of Mine…)

Source: Song 21, Section 4: English Group Songs, Vandana: Students’ Prayer Book

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