The Car Experiences with Sri Sathya Sai - By Raja Shekhar Varma

My grandfather, grandmother and mother have known Swami for more than 25 years. My father came into the Sai fold only after his marriage about 17 years ago. All of them have had wonderful experiences of Swami’s Divinity, His infinite grace, His ever flowing love, His omnipresence and omnipotence. I would take it as my great pleasure, to relate two of many miracles that He has graciously showered on us.

Once, my grandfather, grandmother, and mother with some other relatives were going to Puttaparthi. They were coming from Bombay and my grandfather was driving the Hillman car. While going up a particular steep hill, the engine suddenly failed. My grandfather immediately pressed hard on the brakes. For some unknown reason, the break refused to function! The car was slipping down towards the edge of a precipice. Everyone was really frightened and called out in alarm, “Sai Ram.” Suddenly, the car jerked to a stop! Immediately they got out very carefully and went behind to see what had caused the car to stop. They were amazed to see that a big chunk of rock that was supporting the car tyres on the very edge of the precipice. A couple of inches more to the left or right would have seen the car topple over the edge to a fall from which nobody, not even somebody in an iron suit of armour in an iron car, would have survived! - The first miracle.

They breathed a fervent prayer of thanks to Swami. But they were not yet out of woods. They were miles away from any sort of civilisation, on a very lonely stretch of road.

My grandfather opened the bonnet to try and find out what had gone wrong. But to his surprise, he found that it was not a simple case of battery failure or loose connection of any wire or anything of that sort. He could not pinpoint what was wrong with the engine and the brakes. He got inside and tried to start the engine but, try as he might, the engine would not start. Then a lorry came into view labouring slowly up the mountain when the driver of the lorry saw the precarious condition of the car, they stopped and came to ask what the matter was. They too could not spot the trouble. Anyway, they pulled the car away from the edge to one side of the road. The lorry driver and his colleague then took leave, promising to report these to the nearest town authority.

My grandfather made a few more futile attempts to get the engine going again. Suddenly, a taxi appeared, also coming uphill. The taxi driver also stopped. He was an elderly person. My grandfather informed him of the trouble they were in.

The taxi-driver then wanted to inspect the engine. My grandfather opened the bonnet without much hope. But the taxi-driver then fiddled about, waved his handover the engine and spoke in Hindi, “Every thing’s alright. You may go!” He had tried numerous times to start the engine without success and here was a taxi-driver telling him that there was nothing wrong with it! Just to tick off the driver, grandfather got in and turned the key. And lo! The engine started with a smooth purr. He tested all the switches and found them in perfect condition. He then tried the brakes and found them too working perfectly. Still, they were afraid to proceed, on the way. The taxi-driver encouraged them and said that he would be right behind them till they reached the next town. Having been reassured thus, they started on their journey. 

When they saw the taxi following them, my grandfather drove on slowly not willing to risk anything. Every few minutes, they looked back and sure enough, the taxi was following right behind them.It was a narrow stretch of road with no side-roads or cart-tracks or anything. After a few minutes, they looked back, to their amazement they found that the taxi and the taxi-driver had vanished into thin air! To make sure, they went back a little and looked, but no, there was no trace of either the taxi or its driver!

The same thought occurred to all of them at the same time - “Swami.” They realised that this was the only possible solution and were glad, happy and wonder-struck. When they reached the next town, they went to a car workshop. The mechanics there were amazed at the extent of the damage of the car and wondered how they over arrived at the town at all! This just goes to prove the endless, infinite grace, omnipresence, compassion and glory of our mother Sai. Like a true mother, He protected us - His children - from any harm befalling us, like the mother-hen protecting her chicks, from a vulture or an eagle.

Another instance - All of us - grandfather, grandmother, mother, my younger brother and I had come to Puttaparthi to see Swami, during Onam. My mother wanted to buy a photo of Swami to put up in the car-a Fiat, the type of photo with a magnet fixed behind it so that it can stick to any ferromagnetic substance. She was very particular that the photo should have Swami with Abhayahasta showing his face clearly in a warm smile. Unfortunately, that very type was not available in any of the shops here. We spent hours going from one shop to another but to no avail. Naturally, we were disappointed. After Onam, having satisfied, at least partially, our eternal desire for Darshan of Swami, we returned to our place. 
After a day, my mother opened a drawer for some reason and there, right on top was the photo that she wanted. It was exactly as she imagined it, according to her wish to ever detail. On inquiries, we came to know that none except Swami would have placed that photo there in that drawer. Moreover the drawer had been locked before we went to Puttaparthi! Another reminder of His omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence. He fulfills every desire of ours if He thinks we are worthy of His grace and if our intention and prayers are true and sincere. May He give us the strength and will power to follow His message, to be His messengers; may He shower on us His infinite grace, may we be worthy of it in every way; may He guide us through the pitfalls of evils in this world and ultimately land us to liberation.

“Lord kindly light, lead thou me on.” My most humble Pranams at His Divine Lotus Feet.

- Raja Shekhar Varma
Alumnus, Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School
Prasanthi Nilayam

Source: Sai Nandana 1985 (60th Birthday Issue)


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