"I have many eyes..."

July 7, 1995

Today there was a large gathering of devotees in the Darshan hall and Bhagavan spent a considerable amount of time conferring His Divine Darshan to everyone. Music by Japanese devotees was being played during Darshan. Bhagavan commented that it was sweet. He added that it was a beautiful blend of east and west and that it was only a rehearsal - more was yet to come. 

Later, after a short interview, Swami asked an elderly devotee what he was doing and told him that he was talking to another gentleman. To him Swami said, “Where am I? I have not two eyes, but many eyes.” He also revealed His omnipresence and omniscience by asking how a son of another gentleman was. He said that his son was in coma in London and that the chances were very bleak. He said that this is ‘Jagat’, that in which one comes and goes and so they should not worry.

Later Bhagavan said that for Guru Poornima 900 villages would be provided with drinking water even though there was no water in Bangalore, Madras and Hyderabad. He said that Anantapur had lot of water. All the bore wells miraculously got sweet water without any fluoride.

He said that corruption was everywhere. Swami, in a lighter vein, said that God sometimes was not present at some of the places but corruption was everywhere. Swami said as per His word, by November 23rd towns like Anantapur, Hindupur, Guntakal, Guthi and Uravakonda would also receive water.

Later, while talking to doctors, Swami asked a student to fetch glasses to be worn by eye patients and handed them over. 

Swami : Nowadays there are transplantations of heart, eye, kidney, brain, etc, but not of mind, which only God can do.

Bhagavan, while referring to road accidents made a point that only gents, due to lack of concentration, were the cause of accidents and not women. He said that He had  suggested to Kerala Road Minister to avoid road accidents involving buses. He also said that the ladies’ seats which were right behind the driver’s should be shifted to the rear, since the drivers tend to see the ladies in the mirror and cause accidents. Bhagavan said that this was a very bad quality amongst gents.

Source: Students with Sai: Conversations Part 1 (1991-2000)

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