When Sri Sathya Sai Drove The Car…

When Sri Sathya Sai drove the Morris Tourer

July 19, 1998

Swami : Bad luck boys. I kept everything ready in Poonachandra. I got a phone call made to the hostel at 12 noon. Suryanarayana, your accountant picked it up. When I asked for your Warden Siva Sankara Sai, he replied that he was not there. Again I phoned at 1:30 pm; same result. At what time is your lunch?

Students : 12 o’clock Swami.

Swami : Oh! That is why he was not there. But where was he at 1:30? I knew that boys were there in the hostel, but at that time everybody was (Making a snoring sound) sleeping. Each one was making different kinds of sounds. What is this sleep? I have never experienced it. Even in the night at 1 a.m.- 2 a.m.
…Before, I Myself would drive the car from Parthi to Rajahmundry. Even last year, during the Kodaikanal trip, I drove the car. I listened to what Padmanabhan was telling. Years back Padmanabhan’s father (Dentist in Bangalore) Sheshagiri Rao also sat with Me in the car. He would close his eyes and chant “Sairam, Sairam” throughout the journey and open them only after reaching the destination. Such was the speed at which I used to drive. My car was a Morris Tourer. It was a very small car. I used to go at 100-150 mph. But those kinds of cars usually do not have so much capacity. At that speed, the tyres were almost in the air. Even at that speed I never ran over cats and dogs. I got my license when I was very young. While testing, Hanumantha Rao, the then transport commissioner of the then Madras state, and two Brake Inspectors were sitting in my car. They asked me to drive between two lines, forward and reverse. They also asked me to turn once suddenly towards the right and once towards the left. After the test, they certified that even though I was very young, they would be issuing a special license. They said, “He is able to drive well; better than even a man with 50 years of experience. What if he is young, he is able to drive so well.” 


  1. So Happy Swami. :) You are the Driver of This Universe. Car is a small Thing for You Swami. Very Small O The Eternal Charioteer. :)

  2. It would be nice if public are provided to have dharshan of those motor cars driven/used by our beloved swamy , in prashanthi mandhir.


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