“It is not ‘To Love’, it is ‘Two Love’." - By Dr. Amrit Thapa

Dr. Amrit Thapa with Sri Sathya Sai Baba receiving his gold medal from the Revered Chancellor for distinction in MA (Economics) at the Institute Convocation - November 22, 2005

It is said that the greatest sacrifice that God can do is to descend from the level of Godhood to the level of manhood to teach man the lessons of life - the essence of life. That is why we say that God descends for the ascent of man. Our Lord Sai, the Kali Yuga Avatar, too has come down to earth with instrument like Satya (truth) and Prema (love) to transform human hearts and show them the royal path to Divinity. He has come down to teach us lessons and instill in our hearts Bhakti (devotion) and Jnana (wisdom). 

Here are some of my golden moments during my five-year stay at the Lotus Feet of my Lord. These experiences have left an indelible impact on my mind and have taught me the most significant lessons of life, which I will surely imbibe to lead a fruitful and blissful life. 

This experience relates to the time when I was in my first year B.Sc course in Swami’s Institute. It was August 2000 and the winter vacations were approaching. A notice was put up in our hostel regarding details of train schedule and ticket bookings. The very thought of going home excited me. All the time I was thinking of home only and hence I was unable to read, eat or sleep properly. I was suffering from a bout of homesickness. The next day, it was the chance of our class to go first to Mandir. I was sitting in the front row with a letter in my hand. That day Swami came towards the portico and sat in front of me. He then started calling students for letters. He called me too. I went towards Swami, handed over the letter and knelt down there. Swami opened the letter and started reading it. At the end of the letter, I had written, “From Love, With Love, To Love.” Swami gave a smile and looking towards one of the senior faculty members, remarked, “It is not ‘To Love’, it is ‘Two Love’. One love here. and one love there.” I was left speechless. Swami had read my mind and feelings and He taught me a lesson that day. Swami is omnipresent and knows all our feelings, thoughts and action. From that day, I never felt homesick again, because I had realised that I was with the Divine parent. 

Sathya Sai with Students during Janmashtami Celebrations at Sai Kulwant Hall

Another occasion when Swami taught me about His omniscience was during my III year B.Sc. Janmashtami was approaching. During Janmashtami, students take a procession of cows and calves to the Mandir and Swami feed them with bananas and other fruits. It was my long cherished desire to be in the cow procession as a ‘Gopala’ (cowherd boy) and take a photograph with my Sai Krishna along with His loving cows. I had expected to be given the chance. But, I was not in the list. I felt dejected. That night I cried and cried with full feelings in my heart. My pillow was soaked with tears. I asked the Lord of my heart why He did not grant me the good fortune of being one of the Gopalas? With these feelings I slept that night. The next morning when I woke up, the warden gave me the pleasant news that one more cow had been added for the procession and I was chosen to take the cow to the Mandir! I was overwhelmed with joy. The Lord had listened to my prayer. That day I learnt that the Lord never fails to answer the sincere prayers of His devotees. 

During the Sports Meet, we divide students into two houses in each section, UG and PG. I was chosen as the vice-captain of one of the UG houses. Our house won the championship that year. By Swami’s grace, I won the cultural championship runners-up prize. So, on the prize distribution day, I would receive shields from Swami twice: once, as house vice-captain and once more as cultural champion runners up. I thought, “Anyway, I am receiving one shield from Swami. Why not give the chance to one more boy?” Thinking so, I left the opportunity of house vice-captainship to one more boy and retained only cultural championship title. But things turned out to be quite different that day. During the prize distribution, as my name was about to be announced, Swami stopped the distribution for individual winners and gave shields only for campus and school representatives. I felt very bad. Tears rolled down my cheeks because I had put all my time and effort, I had spent sleepless nights and I had foregone all comforts to gain the title so that I could receive the shield from Swami’s hands. That was my dream and all my dreams were shattered to pieces. Some of the students, including myself, who were yet to be given prizes, mustered some courage and asked Swami for His grace after the bhajans. How can Swami see His children crying? He gave medals and shields to all those who were left out before.

Sathya Sai with Students: Revered Founder Chancellor awarding prizes to students during the Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony

The story does not end here. After two years, by His grace, I was chosen as the vice-captain of the Institute, which is a great honour and privilege. On the Sports Meet day, the captain’s names were announced and I saluted Swami representing the Institute. I felt very proud. On the prize distribution day, all the representatives of the various campuses received cups from Swami Himself and I was fortunate to collect it on behalf of the Prasanthi Nilayam campus. Recollecting all these incidents, I can only say that the Lord never fails to reward us for our good acts. He might delay, but He will never deny. 

Talking about lessons, the greatest lesson I have learnt from Bhagavan is the lesson of sacrifice. He teaches us through His life, the lesson: 

“Tyagenaike Amritatwa Manashuhu”

i.e immortality can be achieved only through sacrifice. He sacrifices so much of His time and energy and takes so much pain in teaching us. For that matter, every Avatar has done this for humanity - Lord Rama, Jesus Christ and now our beloved Swami. But it is up to us to take these lessons to heart and follow them in our everyday life. If we do not, then we are the losers. As Lord Krishna declared in the Gita, 
“Machitaha Sarva Durgani
Math Prasadat Tarishyasi
Atha Chetwam Ahamkara
Nasroshyashi Vinankyasi.”

Meaning, “O Arjuna! Having given your mind to Me, all your difficulties will pass over, but if out of egoism you don’t listen to Me, you will be lost.” 

This teaches us the lesson that the day we develop ego and neglect God, we are doomed. The day we realise that we are what we are due to God and surrender ourselves to Him, we become nearer and dearer to Him. 

- Dr. Amrit Thapa
Student (2000-2005), Dept. of Economics, 
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam Campus
PhD, Columbia University, USA

Source: Sai Nandana 2005 (80th Birthday Issue)


  1. Very Inspiring article teaching us life lessons.
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  2. Very nice thoughts about our life.

  3. Love is only freedom from attachment.

  4. i wish i could also share some experiences of mine here :)

    1. Sai Ram Shashikanth,

      You can share your experiences in the comments section. Many readers have done that in the past.

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