The Ancient Indian System of Education - Part 2

Learning Based On Devotion and Equality

The Caves at Ajanta and Ellora

Students and teachers of high calibre were plenty in those days. The now famous historic places such as Ajanta and Ellora were the dwelling places for the students and the teachers. Many students used to gather in Ajanta and earn their livelihood. Ellora happened to be the home for learning. Their teachers were very selfless. They imparted all the knowledge that emerged out of their hearts in a sweet and acceptable way. From that noble and highly respectable state, the teaching level has come down to mere business today, because of the perverted minds. Food and education were never sold, but offered totally free in those days. Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning was never after money. Today she has been chained. Her sacred name is Mahabharati. She is responsible for spreading knowledge. Daily prayers were offered to Goddess Saraswati in those days. We say ‘Saraswati Bhagavati Bharati Purnendubimbanana’ (the effulgent face of Goddess Saraswati shines like the full moon). She was also extolled for safeguarding the people and making their speech sacred. Goddess Lakshmi was extolled in similar manner. It is in this land that the Goddess has taken human form. 

Mother Saraswati: The Goddess of Learning
Let us not consider that God is a hidden entity. God assumes human form. He incarnates in human form and moves amidst people. But we are not able to accept this truth. Therefore, we have been worshipping God in each of our endeavours in the acquisition of knowledge. Divinity has been explained in various forms. The food received from those who can afford to share, was distributed among all. There were no differences of caste, creed or religion. All were considered as one. That was a lesson to the students. They were equipped with many fields of learning and with fine arts like music and dance. In addition to these arts, they also learnt crafts such as carpentry, pottery, etc. Anyone could acquire these skills and come up in life. Every student obtained the necessary knowledge directly from the teacher. Without a teacher, one cannot learn. The teachers in those days were very noble. Charaka was the founder of Indian Medicine, the most important branch of knowledge. He was highly reputed. You are aware of the number of heart complaints today. The surgeons make use of a machine to safeguard the heart while operating on it. This was not so in olden days. The surgeon conducted the operation chanting the name of God, and the problem would gradually disappear. The antidote suggested by Charaka was that man will be happy chanting the glory of God. 

You Are Essentially Divine

Embodiments of Love! Without God’s grace you cannot move even a step forward. Today, wherever we go, there is injustice. Man’s mind is full of desires. We do not have compassionate looks, but possess those full of hatred. There is no progress at all. We should experience Divine love. God is not in a foreign land away from you. He is installed in you. He is with you, in you, above you, around you and below you. We have forgotten the easy path to reach God. We strain ourselves by foolishly following the torrid path. All the sufferings would vanish in no time just by singing God’s glory.  The Lord’s name is the only refuge to cross all the difficulties. There is nothing greater or mightier than His name. The moment one chants His glory and sings His name, one attains bliss. None can comprehend the power of the name of God. Meditation and the sacred rituals were followed in Dwapara age, but in the Kali age, Namasmarana (chanting God’s name) is the only way to attain the Supreme. 
Ujjain: The Ancient Indian Center of Higher Learning
Students! You know the truth. That which is not present in you, is not present anywhere else. The magnetic power present in man is the most powerful force. All the powers of the world are latent in you. But, the mighty man is considering himself weak today. You are essentially Divine. God is not separate from you. He is installed in your hearts. 
Kashi: The Ancient Indian Center of Higher Learning
Ujjain, Kashi and Kashmir were filled with the beauty of the knowledge of Bharat. Any problem which could not be solved anywhere else in the world was solved here and law and order was very strictly practiced. It is most important that the law is respected and accepted. We have forgotten the glory and grandeur of Bharat. We are going here and there imagining that God’s power is present somewhere outside. It is a mistake. We should distance ourselves from ignorance. We should develop awareness with proper understanding. Only then can we experience bliss in our hearts.
Kashmir: The Ancient Indian Center of Higher Learning
Embodiments of Love! Everything is there in Bharat and everything has come out from this sacred land. Bharat has been the centre of music and literature. How can we forget this sacred land? If you ignore your motherland, it is a sign of ignorance. Today’s students do not realise this truth and are striving only for worldly pleasures. You will not get any kind of bliss from these worldly pleasures. Even if you feel that you get joy from such worldly activities, it will not stay with you forever.  Everything is contained in you.

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