I have all Remedies and Cures with Me...

July 21, 1992

When Swami came after the interviews…

Student: Swami, please take me to Kodaikanal with you this year.

Swami: See what is he saying? He wants Me to take him to Kodai. (To the student) How can I take you with Me? I am there, I am here, I am everywhere at the same time. You cannot keep up with Me! You must ask that I come with you. That is correct.

Bhagavan then turned His attention to another student who had some ailment. Swami lovingly suggested a remedy and told him to try it out regularly. Bhagavan even asked a doctor if the remedy was right or wrong. When the doctor concurred with His view, Bhagavan said, “I know. I know all remedies and medicines.”

At this, the elderly doctor who was so far treating the boy’s ailment said 

Doctor: Swami You are the Divine Doctor.

Swami: I have all remedies and cures with Me. But, what to do? None ask Me for them... 

Bhagavan then enquired about his child’s health. He even suggested the correct dosage of the tablets and cautioned against excessive treatment through injections.

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