What is the meaning of Spirituality?

What does spirituality mean? It does not mean doing Dhyana (meditation), Japa (chanting) or singing of Bhajans. These are all only good actions which we perform to know about spirituality. To gain spirituality man has to give up all his animal qualities, which are deeply rooted in his heart accrued over past births. On one side doing Namasmarana and on the other side banging people for their deeds is not real Namasmarana. While chanting the Lord’s name, you should have sacred feelings in your heart. As the tree grows, its roots must also grow inwards. The outward growth of the tree depends on the roots below. As the external form is growing, the feelings should also grow deep. Then only will the tree have security, strength and fruits. If the roots don’t go deep, the whole tree will fall. We are also growing and claim ourselves to be philosophers. But there is no security to the roots i.e. our feelings. Therefore, God loves your feelings (Bhava Priya) and not your external appearance (Bahya Priya). External and internal feelings together get transformed into Divine radiance. We should try to change both within and without in order to attain Divinity. This is because God is present within, without and all over. 

While we are growing on the spiritual path, to what extent are we controlling our attachments? The attachments are ever on the rise. As the attachment to the world increases, the detachment with God also increases! Attachment to the world proportionately increases detachment to the Lord. When attachment to God increases, attachment to the world decreases. It is like the see-saw. When you travel to God, the world will be down, and when you go near the world, God will be down.  

So what step should we take? We cannot have the desire for both God and the world simultaneously. The heart is single sofa and not a double sofa and it definitely is not like the musical chairs. We should not change continuously. We must install only one. Then only will true sacrifice lead to immortality. If you want to keep milk in a bowl, you must first empty the bowl. Only then can we keep the cool milk in it. If you pour milk when there is water in the bowl, neither water nor milk will be stay in the vessel. Similarly in our hearts, there are so many worldly desires. We must first empty our heart of these desires and then fill the heart with Divine desires. If the brain is empty you can stuff it with anything, but if the brain is filled with other things it can never be empty. Therefore first we should cleanse or empty our mind. This is known as purity of mind or Chitta Shuddhi. Without purity, Divinity is not possible. And when there is no Divinity there is no unity and when there is no unity, enmity commences. Therefore first you should strive for purity. 

What is this purity? It is not selfish purity. You should think that God is present in all and respect everybody. You must respect others as if you are respecting God. Never look at others’ mistakes. First try to correct yourself. Consider only the good in others. Rectify yourself first. This is spirituality. Man will reach noble heights when he thinks about the merit in others and looks at his own demerits. Humanity in humans is completely subdued when man speaks about his own greatness and tries to cover his mistakes, finding demerits in others. 

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  1. So beautiful and compete as only Swami can explain.life is so short n precious,and reading and practising Swami s teachings enriches our life and is the only answer to end all misery.


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