The Message of Sri Sathya Sai Baba: In His Words – Part 5

On Love

The Life of Sai, the Message of Sai, the Ideals that Sai holds forth are all enshrined in one word, Love. 
- “Grow in Love”, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 14, 
November 19, 1980, Prasanthi Nilayam

I have love for all, even for those who are bad. I have greater love for those who deride Me I draw them nearer to Me. I derive great joy from this. Hence My life is My message. With Me, it is always Tyaga (sacrifice), not Bhoga (enjoyment). Sacrifice itself is enjoyment for Me.
- “Love God, Fear Sin, Serve Society”, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 20, November 21, 1987, Prasanthi Nilayam

Man is now possessed by the ghost of delusion; he is prattling a language which is unbecoming, behaving like an animal moving in a zigzag manner, climbing and sliding. I have come to exorcise the ghost; that is part of My work. I am not attracted by learning or scholarship, which does not lead anywhere except towards egoism and pride. I am drawn only by devotion. Bring to Me whatever troubles you have; I shall take them on and give you Ananda. When I like My devotees, I like their faults too, though some here turn up their noses and laugh at the peculiar follies and foibles of people who come from all the various States. I am drawn by the Love which brings you here from long distances through great difficulties, which makes you happy in spite of the want of the comforts to which you are accustomed.
- “Kashi and Badri”, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 04, 
February 03, 1964, Prasanthi Nilayam

On Himself

The establishment of Dharma: that is My aim. The teaching of Dharma, the spread of Dharma: that is My object. The miracles, as you call them, are just a means toward that end. Some of you remark that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (an Indian saint) said that Siddhis (yogic powers) are obstructions in the path of the Sadhaka (spiritual aspirant). Yes, yogic powers may lead the spiritual aspirant astray. Without being involved in them, he has to keep straight on. His ego will bring him down if he yields to the temptation of demonstrating his yogic powers. That is the correct advice which every aspirant should heed. But the mistake lies in equating Me with a Sadhaka, like the one whom Ramakrishna wanted to help, guide and warn. These yogic powers are just in the nature of the Avatar. The creation of things with intent to protect and give joy is spontaneous and lasting. Creation, preservation, and dissolution can be accomplished only by the Almighty ... no one else can.
- Sai Baba: Holyman and the Psychiatrist, November 23, 1968, Prasanthi Nilayam

Births and deaths are like jokes for Me, though you may not know it. When someone comes to Me and wails, “My husband has passed away”, I remark: “Santosham” (happy). She may remark, “How can You be happy if my husband has passed away?” All events are the same to Me, I am always happy. One lady comes to Me and says that she is suffering from an unbearable stomach ache. I observe: “Chaala Santosham” (very happy). 
- “Vital Role of the Buddhi”, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 30, October 08, 1997, Prasanthi Nilayam

Proper balance must be maintained throughout life. There must be balance in respect of knowledge and several other things. Students pollute their knowledge by seeing bad things, listening to bad things and by bad thoughts. Their minds are perverted by addiction to films. They should learn to lead pure lives. Only then will they experience bliss and health.
I am always happy. I would like to run but there is no place where I can do so. I can lift anybody at this age! This strength is present potentially in everyone. But it is being wasted. If the energy in everyone is properly conserved he can do anything. 
- Health Diet and Divinity”, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 28, June 03, 1995, Whitefield

I did not like the fulsome praises with which you flooded Me in the address which was read when this meeting started. I am yours and you are Mine. This is a family gathering; as a matter of fact, all gatherings that I meet are family gatherings. The entire mankind is My family. It sounds very improper when a member of the family is extolled by another before the rest. This is a habit, a ceremony that is borrowed from political life, where ministers are given addresses wherein they are praised so that some benefits may accrue to the place which they are visiting and which present those praises.
- “Diminish Desires”, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 06, 
March 27, 1966, Pune

I am showing you by My example how you must fill every moment with useful and beneficial activity. You talk among yourselves. “Swami is having His rest hour. Swami is sleeping”. But I have never craved for a minute’s rest or sleep or relief. Shall I tell you at what time I feel restful, relieved, and content? – When I know that you are all earning supreme bliss through detachment and spiritual discipline and not until then. 
I am ever engaged in some activity or other for your benefit. Things I could get done, I do not entrust to others. I do them Myself, so that they may learn self-reliance and get experience thereby. I always have your progress, your comfort, and your happiness in mind. You can note it in the slightest act of Mine. I do all work pertaining to Me. I open all letters addressed to Me and they are legion. 
- “Transmute Every Minute”, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 08, September 24, 1968, Prasanthi Nilayam

As far as I can remember, I have not done all these years any harm to anyone in any form. Even the idea of causing harm to anyone has never entered My mind. Due to this, in spite of My 70 years, I appear like a small boy. As I don’t find the time or the opportunity, I don’t run, but I can do so! Where from has this strength come? There are three factors responsible, the three P’s. First P, Purity. Second P, Patience. Third P, Perseverance. If you develop these three qualities, you can also acquire the same strength. Today, most people lack purity. Whether you believe it or not, I must tell you that there is no trace of self-interest in Me. I am keen to do something or the other for this or that person, but have no concern about Myself. Develop this attitude and you will experience your Divinity.
- “Render unto the People what is Theirs”, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 28, November 17, 1995, Prasanthi Nilayam 

You are listening to Me and what do you get when you listen? You agree that I am giving you Anandam, is it not? Well what do you give Me in return? Give Me the Aacharana of what I am telling you. Practice what I teach, that is enough, that is all I ask. 
- “Purusha and Purushottama”, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 03, October 20, 1963, Prasanthi Nilayam

Spiritual Solutions for World Problems

Trusteeship based on love, cooperation and brotherhood will help (in the removal of poverty). However, the change must evolve from the heart; it cannot be imposed from the outside. All materialist doctrines have failed to bring about any real transformation (in mankind). There is no equality anywhere. Only spiritual transformation to a desireless mentality can put through the imperative revolution in human consciousness from which alone the desired changes (removal of poverty) can accrue. We need to transform society from false to real values. 
We have to convince people that the ideal of a high standard of life is wrong. It must be replaced with a high level of living and thinking on the basis of humility, morality, compassion and detachment, as against the existing greed for luxury and conspicuous consumption. People have to be conviced that the only way to rouse the latent Divinity in them is to master desires and conquer greed for pleasure and luxury, instead of being a slave to these false materialistic values.
- “Spiritual Socialism”, God Lives in India, September 1976, Prasanthi Nilayam

The solution to the problem (India being a country rich in resources and yet Indian citizens remaining economically poor and backward), lies in hard work and increased production on a cooperative basis. To achieve this one has to rid the people of the diseases of individuality, greed and selfishness. Every individual must be taught to think and work in the broader concept of society and its needs. Once that is done, there will be less talk, more work.
Here again, it is the spiritual path that can save the country and the world from the wrongs of a materialistic order. What we need is a synthesis of the spiritual and material aspects of life. That will provide man with the social conscience and cooperative spirit imperative to the creation of national wealth and prosperity through selfless, cooperative labour.
There is no doubt that the distribution of wealth is not taking place properly. The existing doctornes of equality, socialism, etc. have not succeeded in achieving equality in distribution of wealth and property. The difficulty is that you can equalise wealth, land and property by legislation, but can the law bring about equality in the desires of the people? This requires the healing touch of spiritualism.
To begin with, one has to curb desire and its evil consequences. We must persuade the rich that desire and its fulfilment in materialistic wants is an aspect of the monkey-mind which can only harm them and put them under bondage. This alone will solve the problem of inequality and maldistribution. The rich will give up their extravagant wants, the poor will get what they need and a little more, and this process will bring more equitable distribution.
- “Socio-economic Synthesis”, God Lives in India, September 1976, Prasanthi Nilayam

From a purely material viewpoint, India’s social and economic backwardness is a question of supply and demand. Because of the over-powering material values of our society, the demand is growing large while the supply decreases. Then, of course, there is the problem of growing population. This triangular issue of economic balance needs to be spiritualized if an effective solution is to be found.
It is here that our insistence on a desireless life, in which human wants are reduced to the minimum needs, comes to the rescue as the only possible way of restoring the social and economic balance. Curb your desires, reduce your wants, live in spiritual austerity, and the available will be sufficient for all humanity. More than that, the tensions of a competitive socio-economic system will be desolved, and peace of mind will be restored.
Life is like a journey in a vehicle between birth and death. The body is the vehicle in which you are motoring to death. The lesser luggage you carry, the better. Why encumber yourself with wordly riches and material comforts, when you may have to change your course, or even meet with some dislocation or accident, and in any case, at the end of the journey will have to leave behind all your possessions except your Atma? Would it not be better to attend to the immortal Spirit rather than waste time, which is running out, on gaining wealth and securing comforts? This is the logic of spiritualism with which I seek to change the attitude of people.
- “Lesser Luggage, Better Journey”, God Lives in India, 
September 1976, Prasanthi Nilayam

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