“You have only Worldly Outlook, no Divine Feelings…”

March 1, 1993

After He had finished blessing the devotees, Bhagavan was greeted by the prayers of the II P.G students, asking for an interview. Bhagavan asked them on what subject they wished Him to speak.

Students : Anything Swami, please speak to us.

Bhagavan then looked at one of the boys and asked him,

Swami : Your father came today. Did he tell you to study well?

Student : Yes, Swami.

Swami : What did you tell him?

Student : Swami, I told him that I would do well.

Swami : Why did you not tell him that Swami is there and hence you will do well? (The boy kept silent.) That is the problem with the boys. You all have only worldly outlooks and no Divine feelings. When the shepherd carries his food in the folds of his woollen shawl, he also gets the woollen threads in his food, however much he tries to remove it. Your vision is also worldly. Hence, such a Divine outlook will never come to you. You may try to hide anything, anywhere. But, I can see all. Whatever be the sweet made, whatever be its shape, it will have jaggery in it. Without that, you cannot call it a sweet at all. In the same way, whatever task you perform, you must make Swami as its basis and source. Otherwise, there is no use of doing that task at all.

Swami then summoned the Warden and told him,

Swami : Boys are writing too many letters; I get them daily. There is no meaning in this at all. Simply waste! I do not want them to do that. Tell them. 

Bhagavan then spoke about His visit to the Primary School yesterday. He began by comparing the food.

Swami : In Primary School there are more children and they all have healthy appetites. They are given good food. They served Swami also. But I just tasted all items with a small dip of the finger. I do not eat all such items. Yesterday’s programme was also good. There were 12 speeches. 8 boys and 4 girls spoke on different subjects. Very nice talks. They also had a very good dance. The dancer balanced a vessel and a lamp on top of it, and walked on a plate! Good balance! They also had a nice music and song programme. (Swami then pointed at a small boy and said) See this small boy? Yesterday, he sang a song. Very good - complete with swaras and ragas. No mistakes. They also sang a Quawalli song. It was a very big programme. I went at 9 am and came around 12 noon.

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