Trayee Sessions – Part 18

Sunday, May 13, 2001

Swami came at 4.15 pm. He spoke to a student and created Vibhuti for him. He also spoke to a few Hospital Boys in the Central Hall. Turning to a boy working in the Super Speciality Hospital in Parthi…

Swami : Yesterday water came into the Hospital. How did it come? Did Safaya (Director of the Hospital) come up and see?

Student : The roof was leaking.

Swami : While building the Hospital, there must have been some haste. The roof was built again. But this should not happen. If it mixes (with other items) there can by problems. How many operations?

Student : Daily three or four.

Swami : Enough. Not bypass?

Student : Bypass also.

Swami : Bypass also? (To a devotee) Daily eight operations here. Sometimes ten. 
It is going regularly. Very good work. Here, there and everywhere. (To The Chief Engineer, SSSIHMS, Puttaparthi) When are you going?

Engineer : Whenever Swami tells.

Swami : There is leakage trouble. You must have heard the boy just now.
(To another devotee) When did you see the Hospital?

Devotee : After I came here.

Swami : (To another devotee) What did you speak yesterday?

Devotee : I gave the message for the new millennium.

Swami : Yesterday, the 12th May was the anniversary of Dharmakshetra (Swami’s Ashram in Mumbai).

Devotee : Yesterday was 33rd anniversary.

Swami : Yes. Speak to the boys. (After his speech, Swami blessed him. To a teacher) After searching everywhere, where did the Rishis see God? Beyond Tamas.

Teacher : (Quoting from the Purusha Suktam) Vedahametam…

Swami : When God is everywhere. Where can one search for Him? If one knows oneself, he also knows God. Along with worldly education, one must also have spiritual education. When one thinks I am God, he does become God.

Swami was then moved from the Jhoola and Aarti was offered at 5.30 pm.

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