Trayee Sessions - Part 17

Thursday, May 3, 2001

Swami came at 4.20 pm. He spoke to a few students while coming. He saw the photo shown by a student now working in the Central Trust, and signed it. While coming to the Jhoola room, He saw Prof. Anil Kumar and smiled at him.

Swami : Why did you come late in the morning?

Prof. A. K. : Train was late.

Swami : Is Guntur cool?

Prof. A. K. : It is hot now.

Swami : That is after you have left. What is the temperature there? 

Prof. A. K. : I did not note.

Swami then asked a student who was studying in Swami’s institutions since the Primary School to give a talk. The student, now 21 years old, narrated his stay at the Ooty Primary School. He said that the place in Ooty had been gifted by … and stopped. He couldn’t recall the name. Swami said, “By T.T. Krishnamachari”. The student said that Swami had come to Ooty on Shankara Jayanti.

Swami : Eh! Deepavali. I gave crackers to all of you.
After his speech, Swami blessed him and told him to return to his seat. Turning to Prof. Anil Kumar – Do your dance! (meaning he should give a speech). Prof. Anil Kumar then narrated many hilarious incidents that made Swami laugh continuously. When he spoke of a Telugu sweet named Bobbattu, Swami translated it as ‘Sweet Puri’. 

Swami asked a student whether he had eaten Bobattu. After sometime, Swami asked him to conclude, telling, ‘Bas… Bas’ (Enough). Swami then accepted Aarti at 5.10 pm. While going back, He told a student that He would bless him and his brother the next day. Swami gave Prasadam trays to the students and blessed all from the balcony of the first floor before retiring for the day.

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