Our Life is Your Message - By Aditya Prakash

"I may look at something wrong; 

Make me blind for a moment. 

I may listen to something ill; 

Make me deaf for a moment. 

I may hurt someone; 

Make my limbs numb for a moment. 

May be somewhere, sometime I think of You Bhagavan for a moment; 

Please make that moment last lifelong." 

Just as an ocean is made up of water drops, our life is nothing but a conglomeration of moments. In each of these moments, something or the other happens to us. These, we call as events or incidents in our lives. How do these events affect us? Some events might have a positive bearing on us and some might be negative. We can thus choose to either cherish these moments or bear the burden of their occurrence throughout our lives. This decision lies in our own hands. Or we may dare to withdraw from these events, learn from them and then make an investment so that in the future, they may fetch us high returns. When we choose to learn from these events, they become experiences. But there are some moments which redefine the way we think about the world and about our lives. These moments are those which bestow upon us the experiences with the Divinity. 

I did my schooling up to 10th standard in Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Peeth, Srisailam. It is Bhagavan’s school in Kerala. The students of this school are privileged, for every year during Onam festival they come over to Puttaparthi for Bhagavan’s Darshan. They also get an opportunity to present a programme in Swami’s presence. When I was in my 8th standard, I too was a part of one such programme. 

Swami in the Poornachandra Auditorium
As we were waiting for Bhagavan’s arrival in the green room of the Poornachandra auditorium on the eve of Onam, a thought struck me. It was not out of ignorance, but was more out of a sincere prayer on my part to experience what I thought to be true. I prayed that if Bhagavan was really God, as He would enter the room, He would walk up to me and talk to me before He spoke to anyone else. 

Even as I was praying, Bhagavan entered, walked straight up to me and asked me a question in Malayalam, "Yende Pere?" I replied. More questions followed. I was so overwhelmed by the situation, that I simply forgot that my prayers were being answered. It was only at the end of our programme when Bhagavan again spoke to me and I touched His feet, I realized that my life had been touched. Bhagavan had fulfilled my humble prayers. 

It takes only a moment for Bhagavan to sow the seeds of His devotion in the well prepared fields of our hearts. He then feeds the growing saplings with the manure of Faith. He blesses us with countless occasions when we experience His love and concern for us. Bhagavan is the loving mother who fulfills even the most trivial of our wishes. I would like to illustrate this with a personal experience. 

I always had wished to sing in the presence of Bhagavan. I knew very well that my aptitude for music was quite poor and it was foolish on my part to even entertain such a thought. But maybe my prayer was more from an innocent heart than an ignorant mind, for Bhagavan responded soon. Last year, it was the beginning of another academic session and the next day Bhagavan was to leave Brindavan for Prashanti Nilayam. Bhagavan called all the first year undergraduate students for a Trayee session. It so happened that I had to take care of the audio setup for that particular Trayee session. Bhagavan was gracious enough for He enquired about our wellbeing in the hostel. 

At the end of session when Bhagavan signalled that He would go, I was supposed to hand over the mic at the podium to any of the Bhajan singers for Aarati to be sung. But the cord of the mike was insufficient in length. Just then, one of the senior teachers around, signalled at me to sing the arati as there was no time. I could not help but sing. He fulfills even those innocent wishes which give us only momentary happiness. But as He does so, He also takes care of us in every moment of our lives. 

It is only those moments spent in His presence, doing tasks for Him; spent thinking of His glory; or moments experiencing His Omnipresence which are the only moments in our lives that are worth cherishing. The rest of our life is but a redundant tale. It is He who lends value to our lives and makes it worth cherishing. 

"Agar Aap Na Hote To Na Jane Hamara Kya Hota 

Hum Agar Aapko Naa Dekhe To Ye 

Saanseey Bhi Deti Hain Takleef 

Bhagavan Bas Kuchh Aisa Deejiye Aadesh Ki 

Hamari Jeevan Banjaye Aapka Sandesh." 

(But for Your presence in our Lives, we don’t not know 

what would happen to us, 

Without You, life seems very difficult, 

Bhagavan, bless us so that our lives become Your message.) 

- Aditya Prakash
Student (2009-2013), Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus
Currently, Software Development Engineer, Innovative Scheduling, Bangalore



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