Sri Sathya Sai Celebrates Republic Day at Dharmakshetra

Tuesday, January 26, 1982 to Friday, January 29, 1982

Sri Sathya Sai giving Darshan at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai
Bhagavan reached Bombay on Republic day morning, the 26th of January 1982. He addressed a mammoth gathering of 30,000 at Dharmakshetra that evening. On that occasion, He extolled the glory of Samkeertana. Swami said:

“The present Age, often condemned as Kali Yuga, is in fact, the age in which one can attain liberation most easily. This is revealed in every scriptural text. The reason according to them, is that one can be liberated now by the Sadhana of Naama Sankeertana---singing the glory of the Lord, and listening to the Name being sung. Among the nine steps of devotion, Shravanam (listening to the Name being sung) and  Keertanam (singing the Name) are mentioned as the best. Keertanam is singing the Names which denote the glory of the Lord and Samkeertanam means "singing the Names continuously, aloud, without interruption, and without hesitation." Whereas Keertana can be by one individual and can promote one's own spiritual progress, Samkeertanam  is by a group of people. It can help the process of liberation not only for the members of the group, but it will also be beneficial to those who listen and even to those beyond the circle of listeners; the whole world can benefit by the vibrations… Even if you are unable to do Dhyana or Japa, engage yourself in singing the Name of God, without fear and with faith.”

On 27thmorning Bhagavan witnessed a rally of 2,000 Bal Vikas students and a pageant of 14 decorated floats each representing an aspect of Bhagavan’s teachings at Shivaji Park. The representative of Dalai Lama, Lama Bihari, knelt down and bowed thrice to Bhagavan in traditional Tibetan style. He offered a scarf to Swami.                       

The Governor of Maharashtra, Air Chief Marshall O.P. Mehra, arranged a musical evening on the 27th at the Tata Theatre of the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), Marine Drive. Many a renowned singer of Bombay sang for Bhagavan at this function. A symposium on ‘Practice of Values in Life’ was held at Bhaidas Hall at Vile Parle. The well-known Jurist Mr. Nani Palkiwala, and the famous cricketer of yester years, Mr. Vijay Merchant participated in the symposium. Bhagavan gave an inspiring Discourse at the symposium.
Sri Sathya Sai at the Shashtiabdipoorti of Sri Indulal Shah at Dharmakshetra

Bhagavan performed the, ‘Shashtiabdhipoorti’ (completion of sixty years of age) of Sri Indulal Shah, the Chairman of the World Council of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations,at Dharmakshetra on 28th morning. He paid a heartwarming tribute to ‘Indubhai and Sarlaben’. He materialised a ring and slipped it on Sri Indulal’s finger. He admired them for their spirit of selfless work and gave them garlands to exchange.

Bhagavan was accorded a reception at Malad by a local Samiti on 28th evening. He left Bombay in the early morning of the 29th.

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