Sai Maata Biddalam Andaram - We are all the children of Mother Sai

We are all Children of Mother Sai

Sai Maata Biddalam (Telugu)

Sai Maata Biddalam Andaram

Sathya Sai Maata Biddalame Andaram (2)

Kalasi Vunte Kaladu Sukham Kalahisthe Dukhamayam (2)

Parasparam Premiddaam Paradooshana Maaneddhaam (2)

Kulabedhaaloddu Manaku Bhaashaa Bhedaaloddu (2)

Antaraanitanamoddu Andaramokatika Vundaam (2) (Sai Maata…)

Deshamante Matti Kaadu Deshamante Manushuloi (2)

Deshaanni Premiddaam Tyaagaanni Choopiddaam (2)

Pavithramuga Jeevinchi Paavana Charitanu Pondi (2)

Swaarthammunu Vidanaadi Sathya Saayini Cherudaam (2) (Sai Maata…)

Mana Shaktini Manamu Telisi Yuva Shaktini Chaatudaam

Graamaa Graamaallona Sevalenno Cheyudaam

Seva Lennaina Avi Kashta Saadhyamulaina

Okarinokaru Cheri Manamu Swaamini Preminchudaam

Okarinokaru Cheri Manamu Swaamini Sevinchudaam

Sai Maata Biddalam Andaram - Meaning

We are all the children of Mother Sai! 

We are all the children of Sathya Sai!

Unity brings happiness, differences breed sorrow. 

Let us continually love each other and stop reviling others. 

Let us give up discrimination either of caste, creed or language. 

Let us shun untouchability and live as one entity. 

A country is made not of mud but of people. 

Let us love our country and show our sacrifice. Let us lead a pure life and earn a sacred name. 

Let us discard selfishness and reach Sathya Sai. 

Let us realise our own power and make the youth realise its power. 

Let us serve the villages: be it of any nature - small or tough. 

Let us all come together and love Swami. 

O let us all come together and serve Swami.


  1. Sairam,

    I'm throughly enjoying your blog.. Have a sincere request.. could you pls upload mp3 for the songs..Cause I want to teach my SSE kids..


  2. Sai Ram Prashanti,

    We are very glad to note that you are thoroughly enjoying our blog. Please do forward the links to other Sai devotees and even your SSE kids.

    We have received a lot of requests for the audio versions of these songs and we are in the process of making these available online. Hopefully, it would be done soon...

    Best Regards
    SSwS Team

  3. Sairam. Very nice material. I always like. I am in Sai Fold since 1971.



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