"How is Your Hand"

January 30, 1997

During the usual Darshan time, Swami came across X class students who were seated in the third block and remarked that it was too cold in the mornings, that students may catch cold and cough and so they come only in the afternoon.

Sathya Sai with Students in the Prasanthi Nilayam portico

Then He called two students into His interview room and asked them to lift a box of biscuits.  

Swami asked them to take it to the Bhajan hall.  He pointed out to another student and told…
Swami  : (Jokingly) Keep on his head.

Then He asked the two students to keep it in front of the throne. Swami Himself opened the box.  Soon, all the students came inside. Swami looked around with an item in His hand. He told that it was a cake and threw it to a student. He then took big packets of sweets and threw it to the students nearby. He asked them to share it and that if they wanted to eat alone, they should do so in the bathroom! Swami then took a small box and…
Swami  : (Looking at one student) What is this?
Student  : Swami, Lavang (clove) box.
Swami  : How do you know?

Saying thus Swami opened that box and it actually contained cookies.
Swami  : (Looking at the student) Dunnapotha!! 
(Often, Swami would lovingly call students ‘Dunnapotha’ literally meaning ‘He-buffalo’)

Swami threw the box at a student and asked him to use it as soap box after eating the cookies. Later, Swami came out and asked the students sitting in the middle portico and 3rd block…
Swami  : Why are students sitting here? Go inside the prayer hall. Students can sing well. They can also see Swami.


After interview, Swami came out to the Ganesh Portico. A student, who had fractured his hand, was seated in the front. 

Swami  : How is your hand? Better?
Student  : Yes, Swami. Tomorrow, the doctor will see the old X-ray and the new X-ray.
Swami  : (Mischievously) Oh! Is it paining?
Student  : Yes, Swami.
Swami : Can you bend your elbow?
Student  : Yes, Swami.
Swami  : Who is your doctor? Krishnamurthy?
Student  : Yes, Swami.
Swami  : Oh! Krishnamurthy is not there. But do not worry.

The Divine Gift

So saying, Swami created Vibhuti and gave it to the student. Swami helped the student to put Vibhuti in a paper and He Himself folded it and kept the packet in his pocket. Swami patted him lovingly and asked him to go back.


  1. How nice swamy materialises vibuthi prasad for his dear ailing young student. Sairam


  3. Yet another illustration of Swamy's love of a million mothers for His children. Jai Sai Ram!



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