"All must strive together and work for the welfare of the Country..."

January 26, 1999

Swami: (To Institute students) 
How was the flag hoisting? Flag did not fly, It was lying limp. There was no air. It was cold. What did the Vice Chancellor speak? 
(Swami again smiled and thought for while) 
All must strive together and work for the welfare of the country. If one man could do a little work, a group of people could do much more.

January 26, 1997

In Mandir, Swami was giving Padanamaskar to the Primary school students. He called forward some of the students from Primary School to speak and enact a Sanskrit skit. At the end He profusely blessed them. Later on, while He was walking amongst the students in the Ganesh portico, seeing the fractured hand of a student, He humorously commented, “Sports Meet  Prasadam!”.
Student : Yes, Swami.  
Swami : Good that it’s the left hand and not the right. Exams are coming.

Swami smiled lovingly and moved on. In the Bhajan hall, seeing another student with a fractured hand along the path,
Swami : Sports meet Prasadam?
Students : Yes, Swami.
Swami : Careless!

Swami asked the student,
Swami : Where do you come from?.
Students : Raipur
Swami : Jaipur!
Student : Raipur.
Swami : Telugu Vaccha?  (Do you know Telugu?)
Student : Vacchu, Swami.  (I know Telugu, Swami)

Swami patted the student and moved on. During Darshan time, students who participated in adventure sports asked Swami for an interview. Swami took letters from them and said, “Time waste” and proceeded. When one of the students offered a kerchief,
Swami : (Taking the kerchief) Good towel or dirty towel?
Student : Good towel, Swami.
Swami : How do you know? (Smiling)
Swami used the kerchief and gave it back.

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