Marketing with a Human Face: Sri Sathya Sai Guidelines

Personnel engaged in marketing activity (with particular reference to selling) should transact with sensitivity with customers, in such a manner that the intended message reaches the target audience effectively. There is nothing wrong in canvassing for the product, but care should be taken to avoid comparisons between one’s product and that of others. If you criticize the products of competitors, others also would do so. Consequently, your image in the market gets adversely affected. One must talk courteously about one’s own product. One must highlight all possible good features of one’s own product. But one must never refer to the flaws or shortcomings of competing products. This is immoral and unethical.

A market survey should be undertaken regarding consumer tastes and preferences and based on that one must estimate the demand for various products. It should be remembered that the utility aspect of the product is very important. If utility items (e.g. razor) are made available, people will like them. In marketing, unpleasant language should not be used. It is necessary to establish good rapport with different elements of the distribution channel, viz. wholesalers, brokers, etc., who can turn the complexion of the business in any manner they wish. Money in excess of requirement would not have to be expended on advertisement if only quality products could be made available at affordable prices in the market.

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