"The Sai Devotees from Greece have real faith and devotion..."

July 6, 1995

Swami came to the portico, went to Dr. Goldstein (Head of the American Sai Organisation) and enquired how he was. He then materialised Vibhuti for the new Vice-Chief of Army Staff who had come for Swami’s Darshan before assuming office. He went to a birthday boy and asked him today also, “Where are the peppermints?” Swami repeated it twice. He then went to the upper verandah and asked one of the military officials and enquired about his health. Even before he replied, Swami materialised Vibhuti for him. He took the military group for an interview. After the interview, Swami walked straight to the group of people from Greece, who had walked all the way from Bangalore to Puttaparthi. The conversation between Swami and leader of that group was as follows…

Swami : Are you are all from Greece?

Leader : Yes, Swami.

The leader showed a brochure to Swami. Swami flipped through the pages, turned to a student

Swami :These people have come from Bangalore to Puttaparthi by walk.

Saying so He turned to them and confirmed it.

Swami : (To a student) They all carried big bags in which they had their own food, bedding etc. Each bag – very heavy, 35kgs, walked even in rain.

Swami then turned to the leader.

Swami : Are you a devotee?

Leader : Yes.

Swami : Are you a real devotee?

Leader : (forcefully) Yes, Swami.

Swami repeated the question two more times and the leader replied ‘yes’ with more and more vigour.

Swami : (Turning to students) See, this is real devotion and faith, real love for Swami.

Swami : (To the leader) What did you say each time, while you took a step?

Leader : Om Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Babaya Namaha.

Swami : (To students) See, so much faith.  Therefore, true experience, real experience. In his room in Greece, I had come out in physical form from the photograph and he had seen Me.

Leader : Yes, Swami, I have seen You.

Swami : In another man’s house, in Greece I have given ‘Amrutam’ (Nectar).  They all have faith. All of them have real experience. Not hysteria. (Pointing to students)  All of   you have only hysteria, no real experience. (Jokingly)

Swami moved closer to the group and when they prayed for Padanamaskar, He blessed them with the same. He repeated the details of the Greek group to a senior devotee sitting near the car-shed. Swami then called the leader and blessed him saying, “Very happy, very happy”.


  1. True devotion indeed! Swami rewards for that!

  2. this is a total faith boost for me. often asked Swami to step out of his photo- it really happened- wow


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