March 11, 1997 (Evening)

As Swami was coming towards the students’ side, both His hands were filled with letters.  

Swami : (Humming) Ba Ba Black sheep, Two hands full!! (Then He called a student to take letters from Him.)

(To Institute students…) 
Bad students, why? What is the reason? Difference is there - Final year students and other students. What is the difference between outside students and Swami’s students? If mother feeds you well, will you pay money to her? Yesterday, why did Final year students give Warden five thousand rupees? (As a token of gratitude) Narrow mind, narrow mind. (To a school student) Jab Ghar Jata Hai To, Mother Khana Deta Hai! Aate Samay Kya,Tum Paisa Deta Hai?(When you go home, does mother charge you for giving you food?)

Student : No, Swami 

Swami : Mother Deta Hai Ya Tum Deta Hai? (Who has to give – mother or you?) (No reply from the student) Mother Deta Hai. (Mother has to give)

Student : Yes, Swami.

Swami : Phir, Jab Swamiji Deta Hai To Kyo difference. (Then, why do you behave differently when Swami gives?) 

(When Swami noticed a student (slightly fat) trying to give a handkerchief. Swami smiled.) Aa aa aa!

Student : What, Swami?

Swami : Egg ra, egg!, Dunnapotha! (Swami hit his cheeks with the letters. To another staff member from the Institute) Swami always gives… never takes. Bad students; mad students. Last night, II year MBA students had a function… Students were wearing different costumes… they had special food… that doesn’t matter; but the students gave Rs. 5000 to the hostel. Is it not a big mistake? Suppose during the holidays, when the students go home, their mother gives them something to eat, do they give money to her? Big mistake. 

Prof. Anil Kumar : They did it unknowingly, Swami. 

Swami : Without knowing? 

In the Bhajan Hall…

Swami : (To a student) How are you?

Student : (Hesitatingly) Fine, Swami. (Swami created Vibhuti and gave him.) Swami, when should I go to Hostel?

Swami : (Jokingly) So sad, Papam, staying with mother till now. Papam. Kal Aao. (Come tomorrow)

A little later, Swami noticed the student putting the Vibhuti slowly into a piece of paper…

Swami : Kyo Vibhuti Aise Dalte Hai? Jaldi Karo…Dunnapota. (Why are you putting Vibhuti that way? Do fast) Who brought food for your grandfather?

Student : Swami, mother and aunt.

Swami : Kya, chicken aur mutton!!

Student : (Couldn’t hear properly…) Yes, Swami.

Swami : Dried fish? Chhi, Bad boy!

Student : (Suddenly realising) No Swami, mother and aunt.

Swami patted him gently on the head and walked away.

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