Sri Sathya Sai Visits the Beautiful Backwaters of Kerala

Monday March 7, 1960 to Saturday, March 19, 1960

Sri Sathya Sai in Kerala
Accompanied by a few devotees, Swami left for Madurai via Bangalore on 7th March, 1960. He spent a few hours in a quiet and beautiful spot at the Upper Anicut and reached Madurai at 9.00 pm. On the 9th, Swami gave Darshan at Sai Vihar, the residence of Sri G. N. C. Ramachandra Chettiar and left for Tirunelveli at 3.00 pm. Swami visited the homes of a few devotees at Tirunelveli. A seriously ill Sri Chidambaram Krishnan had his first Darshan of Swami at Gangaikondan on the 9th, when Swami was on His way to Surandai Agraharam. On the 10th, Sri Krishnan headed to Surandai for yet another Darshan of Swami. Swami led Chidambaram inside the house and stroked him on his chest with His hand. Giving him a Talisman and a locket with His image inscribed on it, Swami told him that these two would protect him. 

Dr. Burgula Ramakrishna Rao, Governor of Kerala (1956-60), reverentially received Swami at the frontier of Kerala. Swami stayed at Raj Bhavan for about a week. Bhajan sessions and individual interviews were the everyday norm while at the Raj Bhavan. On 13th March, Baba proceeded to Kanyakumari along with the Governor and his wife. At Kanyakumari seashore in the evening, Swami materialised a garland of diamonds and pearls from the sands. He created an emerald, which, by His will, ‘got set’ in a gold ring. He took sacred Vibhuti from the sand and applied it to the devotees with His own hands. 

On 14th, Swami and the dignitaries visited Quilon and crusied through the lovely backwaters in boats. Swami granted Darshan to the devotees at Trivandrum on the 15th, and visited the homes of a large number of devotees. Swami embarked on a plane for Bangalore on the 16th. The Governor joined Swami on the 17th, and they left for Tirupati by car. Swami inaugurated the Tyagaraja Utsavam at Tirupati at 6.00 pm on the 17th, Swami left for Prasanthi Nilayam on the 18th and reached on the 19th.

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