Friday, March 08, 1940

Swami as a student at
The whole town of Uravakonda was shocked to hear that a big scorpion had stung Sathya, for there was a superstitious belief in Uravakonda that no one could survive a scorpion sting! Twenty four hours passed without any effect, however at about 7:00 pm the next evening, Sathya fell unconscious. The locals propitiated the village deity Muthyalamma believing that worship would cure Sathya of all ills. Sathya however, proved to be not unconscious but ‘super conscious’, for He said, “The coconut has broken into three” (in the temple), even as He lay in bed at home, seemingly unconscious! 

Sathya began acting in inexplicable ways thereafter. Things grew stranger and stranger as Sathya began revealing more and more of His ‘true identity’. This is most often explained as ‘a complete transformation of the personality'. Baba in His later years explained that He Himself had initiated the process of manifestation (in this way). The time for Him to begin His mission was at hand, and He could no longer linger around acting like a mere boy with secular bonds. 

There was no scorpion that could sting Him; He was beyond ‘Visha’ (poison) and ‘Vishaya’ (objective world)!

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