Students, you know well. You may want an engineering degree or an M.B.B.S or an M.B.A degree. You think that you will be very happy once you get the desired degree. But are you happy? After a degree, you want a job, thinking that a good job will give you happiness. But is there happiness even after getting a job? After getting a job you feel that a promotion will give you happiness. But is there happiness in getting a promotion. You will start desiring a promotion all the time! You want to get married, thinking that you will get happiness. But is there happiness in marriage? Then you want a son. You get a son. But did you get the happiness that you were seeking? Thereafter starts the Korean War between husband and wife! Then they think of God. They begin to pray to God, ‘Oh God what a hell I am in’. All these are chosen by you, hence you are suffering! None of these desires will give permanent joy. All are like passing clouds. Then when do you get happiness? Old age has come, and you performed your duty but ultimately there is no happiness. You are always worried about who will take care of you in your old age, and when your age is ninety you are bed-ridden. Man wants to be happy even at that moment. When the doctor wants to give an injection the old man asks him to administer it in such a way that it doesn’t hurt him! You are after happiness. But where is that happiness? Therefore Tyagaraja said “Oh mind! Tell me the Truth. Is there happiness at all in this world?” God has provided man with all the conveniences. But man is not satisfied. You strive for happiness, but you also should have a spiritual goal. 

Worldly pleasure is needed. But it should not be in excess. We eat food. Excess food is eliminated by the body as waste. That which is taken in should be sent out. You breathe in fresh air and exhale impure air. So too, the money earned should be sacrificed in some or the other way. You should use money for the benefit of the poor. 

Immortality lies in sacrifice. There is bliss in sacrifice. What is this sacrifice? Why we should sacrifice? Should we sacrifice our hearts or should we give up our body? God never asks for such things. Sacrifice the bad qualities within you. God doesn’t want your good qualities or virtues. Offer your bad qualities to God. No one will accept your bad qualities. Even your parents refuse to take your bad qualities, but God is always ready. 


  1. Your Team is doing great work to spread HIS MESSAGE... May Sai Bless you...

    Gopi Pidatala

  2. Great Message in simple words!! "Immortality lies in sacrifice.Bliss in sacrifice.Sacrifice bad within you"


  3. Great message,,,,,,, jai sai nath,,,,,


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