Your Warden is a Miser!

March 8, 1997

Yesterday being Shivaratri, many students were awake throughout the night. After the Discourse, Swami was supervising Prasadam distribution. After the Prasadam distribution, Swami told all the students to go back to hostel and returned to Poornachandra. Around 50 students stayed back expecting Swami for lunch. As expected, Swami came to Mandir and spent some time with the Central Trust members inside the interview room. He came out from the interview room and enquired.

Swami : What is the breakfast in your hostel? (None of the students had breakfast in the hostel)

Students : Pulihora and Chakkera Pongal, Swami. (It was given in the Mandir.)

Swami : Not that. What did you all have in the hostel? (Mischievously) Kya Ra? Tumhara Hostel Warden Itna Miser! (What! Your Hostel Warden is such a miser!)

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