When did Sri Sathya Sai Perform the First Lingodbhavam?

Sunday, March 02, 1947

The first Lingodbhavam took place during the Mahashivaratri of 1947. 

This was the first time Baba manifested a Shiva Lingam. There were less than a dozen devotees gathered at Puttaparthi on this auspicious day. Baba was adorned in white and sat upright in His chair drinking plenty of water. A swelling in His stomach was evident. The ‘swelling’ moved up and emerged out of His mouth in time, as a Lingam.
The Lingam manifested from Sri Sathya Sai


  1. Wished we had the 1947 Photo of Lingodbhavam creation

  2. We too wish so!! But unfortunately not many festival photos from that era are available - except the Navaratri celebrations.

    SSwS Team


  3. sairam Sirs,

    many thanks for making us know several LEELAS and making more happy and guiding

  4. Sai Ram and many blessings.

  5. Let all of us earn more of Swamy's blessings on this Holy Shivarathri day.


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