How Much We Love You! - Humko Tumse Pyaar Kitnaa

Sun Lo Dil Ki Pukaar Sun Lo...
Humko Tumse Pyaar Kitnaa Sai Tum Hi Jaante
Dilon Ki Dhadkan Tum Ho Sai Tum Hamaare Praan Ho
Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai
We Love You, Dearest Lord, We Love You
Neevu Leni Maa Jeevanam
Neeru Leni Chepa Vedanam
Nee Sannidhi Maaku Pennidhi
Needu Choope Praana Samaanam
Neeku Maaku Oke Bandhamu
Adiye Prema Bandhamu 
(Humko Tumse...)
We Love You...


  1. One of my all time favourite song !!

    Following line makes lot of sense now, specially due to void caused by His Physical absense :

    Neevu Leni Maa Jeevanam,Neeru Leni Chepa Vedanam

    I think i understand its meaning much better than 15 years ago !!

    1. Truly said dear bro..lots of us have wasted the great fortune of His physical proximity

  2. After listening to these melodies for some years they would easily bring tears to any eye filled with love at seeing our beloved beautiful Orange Robe now the tears stream through hearts of loneliness having to look for n trying to connect with the love within after being so spoiled by a Mother Divine.Thank you to all those voices and musical geniuses who came together to create this sterling collection and leaving us with such gems to hang on to and feel a little closer.May your blessings increase each time we listen to these. JSR.

  3. Timeless!
    During our convocation in 2009, Swami asked all of us to sing this song for him. When the lines 'Neeku Naaku Oke Bandhamu' Swami sang along and gestured 'adiye prema bandhamu' ... there wasn't a single dry eye..including His!
    Swami...we love you! Eternally!

  4. Sairam, would anyone be able to please provide the meaning for these lyrics.
    Many thanks -

  5. Sai Ram.. yes truly one of heartfelt bhajan.. plz share the meaning of those words in between. Thanks


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