Sri Sathya Sai's First Visit to Kodaikanal...

Saturday, March 16, 1957

Sri Sathya Sai interacting with the Vedic Scholars at Venkatagriri
The 9th All-India Divine Life Convention held at Venkatagiri in 1957 was a landmark in the Dharmic campaign of Swami. He presided over the deliberations and sounded the clarion call of Sadhana and spiritual regeneration. On the second day, Swami materialised a gold ring studded with a composite picture of Shirdi Sai and Himself, and gave it to Sri Yogiraj V. S. Bua, who was one of the speakers. He also materialised grapes and Vibhuti and gave it to him as Prasad. Two Sanyasi scholars Sri Satchidananda and Sri Sadananda of the Sivananda Ashram attended this convention. They both accompanied Swami on His return to Puttaparthi. 
Sri Sathya Sai in the Hills
(Photo taken in the later years)
On His way to Puttaparthi, Swami visited Kodaikanal for the first time, and stayed with Sri Venkatamuni and Smt. Susilamma. The old devotees Sri Nagaratnam Mudaliar and Sri Parthasarathy Mudaliar had Darshan of Swami there.

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