Silently working on establishing the New World Order
Today humanity has achieved tremendous progress through science. On one hand, astonishing advances have been made in areas like plastics, computers, electronics and exploration of space. On the other hand, in the sphere of ethics, the picture is depressing.  The world is confronted with grave economic and political problems. International, racial, religious, caste and communal differences, inter-state conflicts, violent agitations by students are rampant, all over the world. What is the reason for these contradictory developments, scientific progress on the one side and moral deterioration on the other? How has mankind fallen to this egregious depth of ethical and spiritual degradation? 

Wickedness and cruelty are spreading among men today. Lacking in devotion and righteousness, men are developing only their bad habits and tendencies. Mankind does not lack scriptures like the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bible, the Quran, the Zend Avesta and other great works to show how peace and the higher wisdom are to be got. Spiritual books are published in countless numbers. Nor is there any dearth of religious preachers, heads of Maths (religious centres) and religious scholars. Sadhus and Sanyasis (renunciants) are proclaiming spiritual and ethical truths to warn mankind. In spite of all these well-meaning efforts, why is it that minds of human beings are turned towards narrow and unrighteous pursuits?

Spiritual Transformation: 
A Precondition to Societal Change

There has been any amount of transformation in the political, social and scientific fields. But all this development is of no avail if there is no commensurate transformation in the mental outlook of people. Ethical transformation depends on social transformation. Social transformation is related to spiritual change. Without spiritual transformation, social progress tends to become inimical to human advancement. Spiritual transformation is the basis for ethical transformation.

There is a belief that science is opposed to spirituality. Science by itself tends to make man’s life artificial. Demonic qualities like envy, greed, selfishness and ostentation are today dominating minds of human beings. Selfishness has grown beyond limits. Behind every action, there is a desire for personal gain. Human beings are attached to worldly things out of selfishness. The world will make genuine progress only when people give up self-interest and self-centredness.

My Dear Students! 

Time is infinitely precious. You should not waste even one moment of it. In human life, the period as a student is the most valuable and sacred. You should make the best use of it. Milk mixed with water cannot get back to its original purity, however much you may try to separate it. But once you have converted the milk into butter, it will not be affected by association with water. It will float above the water and maintain its distinctive quality. Likewise, Samsara (worldly attachment) is like water. The mind of man is like milk. When the pure, sacred, uncontaminated mind is mixed with the water of worldly desires, it is difficult to recover the original purity. However, if in this sacred period of study, you derive from your unspoilt mind the butter of knowledge, wisdom and right conduct, you will be able to remain unpolluted by the attractions of the world even when you are in it.

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