Farewell Message to Students by Sri Sathya Sai

March 31, 1997

Students chant Brahmarpanam before eating food. When they do so, food gets transformed into Prasad. But when they go home, they won’t even chant it in their mind. As a result, food remains as food only. Sometimes it may turn into poison too. Some of the parents themselves discourage students by telling, Any way you are made to practice many spiritual activities in the hostel. At least now, relax. In such cases students should strongly tell them, This is home. The place may change. But I am not changing. I am the same. If it is not possible to chant loudly, at least chant in your mind.  Since many students do not continue such good habits, they face so many problems and difficulties.

Some of the important guidelines given by Swami 

Sathya Sai with Students:
Swami is your True Companion
Continue to practice the good habits you have cultivated here. Remember that Swami is your true companion. When you keep this in your mind, you will always be good and courageous. Good discipline and good habits are not like a uniform, which can be put on for sometime and then removed. They should always be with us. God’s name is equal to His form. Always chant God’s name. It not only gives you spiritual elevation, but also enables you to face well the troubles and tribulations of life. Faith in God should be unwavering. Doesn’t matter even if ‘Shwas’ (breath) is stopped but ‘Vishwas’ (Faith) should be stable and steady. With steady faith in god, anything in life can be achieved.

At the end, Swami gave Namaskar and Prasadam to all the students. While giving Padanamaskar, Swami said, “Be good. Very happy… very happy. Good students. Be disciplined. Develop good manners. Don’t involve in bad practices. Don’t develop bad behavior.”


  1. Sai Ram.
    The Divine conversations, experiences and other lessons displayed or so wonderful, that we wanted to take a print out of some of them and display it in school notice board to beneift the present students who did not have the fortune of the proximity with Bhagawan. But we are disappointed that there is a do not copy protection by copyscpe. When Swami's words are for students community at large, why this restriction. In these days of troubled times in the world, students all over should be more exposed to the good work that you are doing.

    We request that you will remove the do not copy clause on your own to beneift all students.

  2. Dear Madam Aruna,

    Thanks a lot for your message.

    We fully agree with you that Swami's Message is for all mankind. It is for this reason that we have started this initiative with special focus on students and youth. However, the material that is uploaded on this blog is copyrighted material and is part of various books published by Swami's Institution. Hence, we cannot make it freely downloadable for all at this stage. The books are available in the Mandir stores and those desirous of having the full text of the discourses and other content uploaded here can procure them. Each article has the source at the end of the article.

    However, we would be very glad to share with you those articles which you need for your school and mail it to you. Kindly send us your email details and the articles that you need at sathyasaiwithstudents@gmail.com

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards

    SSwS Team


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