A Divine Opportunity for All Humanity

Just as all rivers merge in the ocean, all branches of education end in spiritual education. One must experience that kind of totality and merge with Divinity. The traditions and truths are being separated into various groups, and the vicious syndrome of dislike for one person towards the other has come into existence. Not only in the past but even in the present, there are people who conduct themselves as per the traditional rules and guidelines. The means to liberation in the Krita Yuga was Dhyanam (meditation), in the Treta Yuga it was Yagam (performing of ritualistic sacrifice), in the Dwapara Yuga it was Archana (worship) and in the Kali Yuga it is Namasmarana (chanting the name of the Lord). These are the methods prescribed which when followed will help us in achieving the ultimate goal of life. In India, there is a constant conflict between ancient traditions and the modern traditions. So a clear distinction has been formed between ancient and modern traditions.  

What is the meaning of saying that an Avatar has arrived? God descends among the people with love, compassion, affection and mixes the Jeeva Prajna (Individual Consciousness) with the Deva Prajna (Divine Consciousness). 

Oh ignorant mind! Desire to have the vision of the Brahman. 
Do not go about searching for It hither and thither.
It is within you and search for It within yourself.
This is the path of Truth which tells what Reality is.

Embodiments of Love, students, teachers and well-wishers in the field of education! 

A Divine opportunity has been bestowed upon you as a result of all the good deeds of your past lives and you have thus been blessed with this human form. The Vedas declare that just as a bird without its two wings and a chariot without its two wheels cannot go anywhere, a human being who does not have the two attributes of Vidya (education) and Tapas (penance) cannot move ahead on the path of achieving the ultimate knowledge. The Bhagavad Gita says that of all types of education, the real one is the ‘Adhyatmic Vidya’ or spiritual knowledge (Adhyatma Vidya Vidyanam). ‘Brahma Vidya’ tells one about Brahman (the Supreme Principle). It is Tapas that makes us reach Brahman. So Vidya and Tapas are like the two eyes of a human being and one must look at the world through these two eyes. 


Just as the cultivation season is the most important time for the farmer, youth is the most important time in the life of a student. The farmer waits for the opportune moment to sow his seeds so that he can reap a rich harvest. Time is a very critical element for the success of the crop. During the cultivation season the farmer does not care about food, water or sleep, and works hard with the focus on one thing, that is achieving a good harvest. He thinks that a good crop is the source of all his happiness. Similarly, for a Vidyarthi (student), the period of education is like the cultivation season. It is the most important time, and the very basis of life. Students should dedicate all their time without worrying about hunger, thirst and sleep, or loss and gain, and should focus on building good character and gaining complete knowledge. 


  1. Beautiful picture and message! His enchanting form combined with His powerful words are a feast to the soul.

  2. To the perenial fountain of inspiration and to the singular destination of all our aspirations, I offer my heartfelt gratitude..


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