I am Watching Over You From Several Births...

August 17, 1991

Lord Rama and Lakshmana with Sugriva and Hanuman
When Sugriva brought the bundle of jewels that Sita had thrown down to the earth from the sky, when being carried away by Ravana, Rama joyously showed them to Lakshmana, saying, “See, Lakshmana! These are the jewels of your sister–in–law, aren’t they?” Lakshmana touched the jewels with great reverence and said, “Brother, I do know the anklets. They are hers! The rest I do not know, for I have never seen her face!” Rama pretended to be surprised, wanting to test Lakshmana, He asked, “Have you really never seen her face?” Then Lakshmana said, “Brother, the great Dasharatha is my father and the noble Sumitra is my mother, they had blemishless characters. The blood flowing in my body is theirs.  They never could do anything contrary to Dharma in their thought, word, or deed. How can I being their son do it?” 

As is the seed, so is the tree. As is the food taken, so is the belch. What the parents are, that embodies itself in their children too.

You are infatuated by the world. The world is Maya Sabha - A palace of illusions. You step into the pool of delusion, which appears that it does not exist, as Duryodhana did. You all tend to do bad to those who do well to you and do well to those who tend to harm you, out of fear. The world is Maya Sabha. You all hanker after it. M-A-Y-A, when reversed reads Yama. Maya will only lead you to Yama (the God of Death). But, here it is your Ma Sabha – the house of your Mother...

You have slowly learnt to analyse Swami’s love with your own limited understanding. It hence fails to be seen by you how broad Swami’s love is. What you have then is the kingdom of hell, not the kingdom of heaven. 

How many of you are good boys? (None of the boys raised their hands.) Ah! See! None of you are good boys. You cannot raise your hands because your conscience is pricking you and telling you; ‘Don’t! You are not good!’ When a fan rotating in full speed is put off, it won’t stop suddenly. Now, I have put the full fan force on you. It’s impact will be there for two minutes in some boys, or two hours or two days or at the most two weeks in others. After that, it slowly wears off.
I am always watching over you...
Always remember, Swami knows everything. I am always watching – not just from yesterday or day before. From several crores of years; from several past births of yours. Do not think you can cover My eyes and get away with doing whatever you want. I always work hard to push the dirt of Maya in you away from the door. But, you stealthily get it back through the window, thinking that Swami is not watching! The basic cause is your Aham. It is very bad. Ravana was a great Tapasvi (one of penance), scholar, statesman, and warrior. But of what use it is, if you do not partake benefit from it? The environment here is good, you will improve if you work. Boys must not behave badly. They must not be cheap, but they must be Chief. If you have real devotion for Swami, Swami will also give His life for you. I am going on serving you with so much good, but you do not want to eat, you throw it away.


  1. Thank you very much our Beloved Lord for ALWAYS watching over us, although we have so many short comings. We are so very grateful for your CONSTANT GRACE. Please, LOVING LORD of our hearts, BLESS US abundantly so that we can overcome the MAYA that we come face to face with every day. You are the doer, we your instruments want only to please you.
    Love always,

  2. The worldly affairs give us many a trouble in our lives, we get in to patience with the feel that swamiji is always taking care of us. JAI SAI RAM


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