On the Day Sri Ramana Maharishi attained Mahasamadhi...

April 14, 1950

Sri Ramana Maharshi - The Great Saint of Thiruvannamalai

On April 14th, 1950, an extraordinary event took place at Puttaparthi. 

Sri Varadu, a devotee, reports:

‘The night Sri Ramana Maharshi passed away in Thiruvannamalai, Baba went into a trance at around 9 pm. He went into a trance quite suddenly and threatened to fall. We, another devotee Sri Krishna and I, held out our hands to support Him. Baba lay prostrate on our hands when all of a sudden His body rose up in air from our arms. He was as stiff as a board, and He was murmuring “Maharshi has reached Me.” Later, the sole of His right foot split open and nearly two kilograms of sweet smelling Vibhuti gushed forth. While we collected the Vibhuti, Baba was still levitating. After a while He descended and returned to His normal self. He then informed us that Sri Ramana Maharshi had merged in Him. The news of Sri Ramana Maharshi's Samadhi appeared in the newspapers the next day. The time mentioned was the same as that of Baba’s trance.’


  1. Pure Souls are
    Gods incarnates
    Sweet smelling ash

  2. This incident is also recorded in a book called Miracles are My Visiting Cards by Erlendeur Haraldsson

  3. God bless for sharing the truth

  4. Swami-Bhagwan Baba is poorna Avatar. The supreme divinity in human form is Bhagawan Baba. So all those who complete sadhana merge in Swami. Blessed are those who had His darshan, sparshan and sambhashan.

  5. there is two types of merging..sadhyo and krama, was written by Baba..merging while alive is permanent..sadhyo mukti..krama mukti, you merge after death, you go to heaven but born again..however both you merge but krama mukti you have to comeback..Baba has mentioned about Ramakrishna but not Maharshri..not once..there are many claimed to have experienced near death experience and thinking they have achieved moksha-enlightenment..om sai ram

    1. Sai Ram

      Before drawing conclusions one should do research first. Did you know what the first bhajan Swami sang when he declared his mission at age 14, the age that will defines all Sai incarnations? Hint - 14 = 1 + 4 = 5 = Lord Shiva's number - that very FIRST bhajan Swami sang was addressed to Arunachala Shiva, the Father whom the son had merged with, in case you aren't aware.
      You can hear the bhajan Swami sang here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji_vE5kNM6c

      The reason why Swami does not refer to Sri Ramana publicly - simple! Swami is teaching the path of dvaita leading to advaita, which was path trodden by Sri Ramakrishna. But Sri Ramana went straight to Advaita without the intervening dvaita stage. This is not advisable for the masses out there. In fact, they won't be able to do it. Can a primary school kid go straight to uniersity and study quantum physics? The last thing Swami wants is to get people to sit at home and meditate. He had to teach people to do karma yoga and be engaged in service first, a prerequisite for the Jnana yoga as espoused by Sri Ramana and those who have already done their homework. Presumably Sri Ramana did his homework in a previous life and, therefore in the Ramana incarnation, he was able to go straight into Advaita.

      Did you know that Swami actually recommended to a lady who came him to go instead to Ramanasramam and do her sadhana there? Who knows there might be more cases unearthed if one cares to do the research. Swami's recommendation has to done privately, and on a case to case basis as not everybody is suited to that Jnana yoga path. Devotees at the ashram often try to squeeze interviewees for information given privately and then proceed to carry out the instructions meant for that interviewee. So, Swami once had to chide some people saying that when He gives medicine to someone, it is meant for that person only. The medicine cannot be applied to everyone in a general and public way.

      Let's hope you get the points here.

    2. Sai Ram, Sai Selvi,
      As a side note, do note the number 14 in the date of Sri Ramana's decease. It was the first day of the sidereal year, vernal spring, the Tamil New Year. It is the number of Lord Shiva too as 1 + 4 = 5. Each of the Sathya Sai Baba incarnations (Shirdi, Sathya, Prema respectively) begins its declared public mission at age 14. Astrologically, the date falls in the sign of Aries (Mesha) which is ruled by Mars, that is called by various names - Muruga, Kartikeyya, Skanda, Shanmugan, Subramaniam ... he being the immaculately-conceived son of the Father (Shiva). This point indirectly throws light on the Ganapati Muni's account that he once saw 6 stars (6 = Shan; Mugan = face, facet, aspect) emanating from Sri Ramana's 3rd eye. The merging of Son with Father in this Hindu context is particularly significant, considering that April 14, 1950 actually fell precisely on Good Friday which also marks the return of the Son to the Father in the Christian context. In one of the scriptures it is written that it was the son, Skanda, who taught his father the significance of the Omkara, believe it or not. The greatness of Sri Ramana can be intuited from his remarks when he told his followers who were worried of his passing. He said that when the body-mind complex drops off, he wasn't going anywhere (not heaven or hell and waiting to be reborn as in your remarks)for he will be everywhere. That's exactly what Swami said about himself. What they meant was that they have become omnipresent, a divine attribute of Brahman, Parabrahman, etc. Swami went as far as giving an illustration to help understand this teaching point. He told a student that when a balloon, which contains air, bursts, the air inside will mix or blend with the air outside and become one. The air outside is ubiquitous - omnipresent. The jivatma merges with the paramatma. It's that simple.

      Actually, I came across this blog while telling another online enquirer about Arunachala Shiva. He thanked me and said today is auspicious as it is Kartiggai. I had to smile and then added that it was also Nov 23, Swami's birthday too. Beautiful and wonderful synchronicity, isn't it? I did a video on Sri Ramana a few years ago. In case you're interested to watch, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bOI0LuPQuA&lc=z23os1jh3qedzbckvacdp435dude5qrz5ofizxzdffxw03c010c.1542949703144913

      Here's another link for another of my videos that might be of interest too:

      Enjoy and be inspired.


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