Trayee Sessions - Part 9 (1)

April 24, 2001

Swami  : Which is your place?

Student  : You.

Swami  : This Vedanta is “Jhoota Vedanta”. Modern education is like that. Modern education does not show the path to fulfillment. It only shows path to attraction and show. It doesn’t show the path to cross the ocean of samsara. We don’t know how to cross it and instead learn many other useless things.

Sri Sathya Sai in Trayee Brindavan

Once there was an educated businessman. He wanted to cross a river to go to another place. He called a boatman. The boatman with humility agreed. The businessman on the other hand was arrogant. He ordered the boatman that he would like to go a particular village, and told the boatman to get ready. The boatman cleaned the boat. In the middle of the river, the businessman kept talking. Educated people can’t keep quiet. As only the boatman was available he kept speaking to him. He started a conversation with the boatman.

Businessman  : What is the political situation in your village?

Boatman  : I didn’t know. 

Businessman  : Don’t you read newspaper?

Boatman  : I am illiterate and I don’t know how to read.

Businessman  : Even if don’t know how to read, you must keep a newspaper under your arm to show off. OK, let’s go, what is the time?

Boatman  : I don’t know how to see time.

Businessman  : Even if you don’t know how to see time, you must at least tie a plastic watch on your hand. If you can’t read a newspaper one-fourth of your life is wasted in the Ganges. If you can’t see the time, half of your life is wasted. OK, tell what cinema is going on in your village.

Boatman  : I don’t know. I don’t have money to see films.

Businessman  : Even if you don’t see films, you must at least have a TV at home. 

Boatman  : I don’t have money for that.

Businessman  : If you don’t watch the TV, three-fourths of your life is wasted in the Ganges.

After sometime, there arose a big wind. It became cloudy. The boat started to rock. The boatman couldn’t control the boat.

Boatman  : Do you know how to swim?

Businessman  : I don’t know.

Boatman  : Then the whole of your life is a waste. 

Saying thus the boatman jumped into the river. He swam to safety. The businessman drowned in the river.

The One who came to guide us across the Samsara - The Ocean of Life

“While traveling in a river, one must know how to swim (in telugu - Eeta). Similarly while traveling in Samsara (ocean of life) one must know Gita. Each person must learn swimming. It will come to use some time or another. This 'Eeta' is Daiva Chintana (Thinking of the Lord). It will be useful whenever there is trouble. Any time one can think of God. Your pen, paper, and watch will not protect you. Only Daiva Chintana will protect you. If you learn this swimming, you can travel safely in life, just like the boatman was saved and not the businessman. As we are born in this Samsara, we should learn the education, which will help us reach higher positions in life. The name of God will help you to reach higher positions in life.”

Continued to Part 2

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