The Governor lays the Foundation Stone of the Sri Sathya Sai College Building at Brindavan

Thursday, March 16, 1972

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Brindavan Campus

The Annual Day of Sri Sathya Sai Arts and Science College, Brindavan was celebrated at 5 pm on Ugadi, the 16th of March, 1972. Shri Mohanlal Sukhadia, Governor of Mysore State, (former Chief Minister of Rajasthan) laid the foundation stone for a new building of the College and Swami distributed sweets to everyone.

Shri Mohanlal Sukhadia, Governor of Mysore State
The College National Cadet Corps provided the Guard of Honour and played the band. Swami accompanied by the Governor went in a procession to the College. Prof. V. K. Gokak, Vice-Chancellor, Bangalore University welcomed the guests. The Principal of the College read the Annual Report. Col. Joga Rao announced certain voluntary assistance by the College Committee. Then, the Governor addressed the gathering. 

Swami in His Discourse mentioned that the day was thrice-blessed, a Triveni, for it was Ugadi, the College Day and the Foundation Stone Day! Elaborating on the role of the College and the real purpose of education, He said:

Everyone engaged in teaching or learning or administering this Institution where these three processes are carried on must try to know for what purpose they should be done and how best they can be done. After years of steady and impartial research, the sages of India have said that education has as its goal the realization of the Atma (divine Self) and the manifestation of its inherent attributes of Sat-Chit-Ananda (Being, awareness and bliss). Apart from instincts, impulses, emotions and passions which man shares with the beasts, he has some unique attributes like the urge to renounce and to serve, to attach himself to Truth, and to cultivate the qualities of tolerance, and forbearance. The Sathya Sai Colleges are endeavouring to encourage the manifestation of those and related traits of the higher character, and thereby to re-establish the spiritual renown of India. 

The very endeavour gives these young men a sense of joy and happy enthusiasm. You heard Satish of the Second year B.Com. class speak from his heart on the equanimity, peace and calm that the practice of the Sadhana of the constant Presence of God has given him. The Ananda the boys have will certainly inspire their parents, their kith and kin and others. The youth of India will turn towards the path leading to Ananda with as much alacrity (or even more) as they are now evincing in moving along the path leading to anxiety, fear and destruction. Therefore, there is no room for despondency. When these students become teachers, the number who can voyage happily on an even keel through the turbulent sea of life will increase. Injustice, untruth, unrighteousness will all be recognised as disgraceful, demeaning Social evils, instead of being tolerated as necessary evils. Truth, Justice, Love and Peace shall soon return to earth. 

The first step in the life-long pilgrimage

The re-organisation of education is one of the many means towards this end. The Foundation Stone for the College Buildings that was laid now by the Governor of Mysore State (renamed Karnataka in 1973) is a step in this process, during which Colleges engaged in preparing the new generation, on proper lines will come up in every State of India. This Day is celebrated as Ugadi (Telugu New Year day); the beginning of a New era. Every Era or span of time is called Yuga. The first Yuga according to the Puranas was Krita, when Truth reigned supreme. Next the Treta Age or Yuga appeared, when the ideals of Righteous Living were upheld. In the Dwapara Yuga that followed, the cleansing and sharpening of the intellect (Jnana Eva Tu Kaivalyam) in order to realize the Reality was propagated as the means to save mankind. In this Kali Yuga, the paths of devotion, of righteous deeds and of the acquisition of wisdom are all declared equally effective, so that people of different dispositions and temperaments can have the fortunate chance of the Truth being revealed to them.

Education must open these paths before the children. When the child is first initiated into the alphabet, this ceremony is called Akshara-Abhyasa, Practice of the indestructible! Kshara is the material, objective, created, seen, experienced. A-kshara is the non-material, subjective, creator, witness, experiencer. The letter A is the first step in this life-long pilgrimage to the source of life, Light and Love, the Divine, the Truth. It is a pilgrimage that ends when the emerged is merged in that from which it has emerged, when Thou realize that it is That, when Twam knows that it is Thath. The stow of billions of births and deaths is summarised in the three words Tat Twam Asi. The true Guru is Tat (That) and he reveals to Twam (Thou), the fact of Asi (art). The true pupil is one who is Thwam (thirsty) for Tat (That) and anxious to acquire the Asi (wisdom)." 

Finally, the students of the College enacted an English drama and a Kannada drama in the Divine Presence.

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