We Love You Sai...

We Love You Sai, We Love You Baba Much More Than Words Can Say

Make This Moment Eternal, We Don’t Ask For More

Heart To Heart, Love To Love, Is The Way We Move With You,

Love, Love And Nothing Else Is What Binds Us To You.

Love, Love That Is What We Have For You,

We Love You, We Need You, Our Life Is Just For You.

Swami, O Swami, We Belong To You.

Swami, O Swami, Our Life Is All For You. 

Start The Day With Love, Fill The Day With Love

Spend The Day With Love, End The Day With Love.

We Want To Be With You, Oh Lord, My Lord,

We Want To Touch Your Feet, Oh Lord, My Lord

We Want To Speak To You, Oh Lord, My Lord,

Sathya Sai Baba, My Lord Sai Baba My Lord

(We Want To Be…)

Source: Song 34, Section 4 English Songs, Vandana: Students’ Prayer Book

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  1. Sairam, is it possible to have the link to the audio of the song, along with the lyrics in 'song for the soul'?


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