"Ganesha's Navel is the source of Peace and Bliss!" – A Story

It is so happened that one person was circumambulating a small temple of Ganesha when it began to rain. He squeezed into the temple, stood close to Ganesha and took the opportunity to touch the statue’s trunk, feet, etc. in reverence. When he came to the tummy, he inserted his finger into the navel. A scorpion hiding within that part stung him at once. Well! What could he do? He could not even disclose it to others. Meanwhile, it stopped raining and he got out. But out of vengeance at his bad experience, he wanted others to suffer too. He announced to one and all, “How wonderful! I put my finger into the navel of Ganesha and at once I am filled with peace!” Hearing this everyone tried their hand at it and got stung by the scorpion. All of them suffered the pain quietly and put on a happy face. None came out with the truth! 

This is the nature of elders today. While they themselves are drowning in the miseries of worldly life, they advise others, “Oh, the worldly life is so pleasurable; it is a source of bliss. Come on! Get into it! You too poke a finger into Ganesha’s navel and get stung!” They do not reveal their troubles. There are many of them. They can neither swallow them nor get them out.

Indeed, we derive no peace or happiness in these worldly and materialistic activities. But then we must do our duty. Take both happiness and sorrow with equanimity. We must consider both of them as blessings from God, and desist from analysing what is good or bad for us. Particularly, it is very important to try and control the senses. We must realise that, it is the mind that is responsible for feelings of pain and pleasure. If we are in the right state of mind, we remain happy at home as well as in the forest. If we escape to forests with an impure mind, can we find peace there? It is neither the home nor the forest that gives us peace. It is our mind that gives us peace. “Mana Eva Manushyanam Karanam Bandha Mokshayoh” (Only the mind is responsible for both bondage and liberation of man). Transform the mind into a love filled one. Nothing can be better than that.

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  1. sairam,

    It is true. When see cinemas, they will project love and married life is a paradise. To satisfy is family members he loose is dignity and everything lastly he prays to god to protect him from the clutch. He ask God to free from whatever he desperately asked God without that he can't live and to give him.


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